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8 Ways To Meet ‘The One’

8 Ways To Meet ‘The One’

8 Ways To Meet 'The One'

You’re at that point where watching Pretty Little Liars and reading about Mr. Darcy no longer does it for you. It’s time to find somebody you can actually click with, but how are you going to go about finding that person? Here are 8 different ways you can meet the one.

1. In Class

The people in your core classes are on the same track as you, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to imagine that you have similar ideas. We’ve all been the person off to the side in lecture admiring our stranger crush. Why not try sitting next to that person for once? Ask them where they’re from, if they like the class, or if they can help you with a question from the homework. You know these classic flirting tips. All that’s left is for you to be brave and take the first leap.

8 Ways To Meet ‘The One’


2. At Work

You may think it’s weird to date a co-worker, and it very well might be, but the line of your work also implies that you have something in common. Whether that’s the fact that you’re both intelligent or the way you arrange pencils on your desk, maybe you and your attractive co-worker can find some similarity that will lead to more. Don’t let the fact that you work at the same place make it awkward, just be sure to check the company policy and never date your boss. For your own sake.

3. School Club

Are you involved? You might not be, but those babes and hunks in the Wilderness Appreciation club are calling your name. But seriously, take a chance and join some clubs you’re interested in to meet new people. Even if it doesn’t turn out that you find romantic entanglements, you’ll have some new friends to hang with and some hobbies to keep you busy.

8 Ways To Meet ‘The One’


4. Tinder

So you wanna find someone, there’s a reason people recommend these apps. Some of them actually tend to work. Despite what you may think, Tinder has evolved past an app for hookups. There are a plethora of people searching who are looking for actual relationships- certainly the majority I know who is on there. You’re guaranteed to see a few lonely souls you’re already acquainted with, but it isn’t the end of the world.

5. Bumble

Bumble is known as the dating app for women because it’s a girl’s choice. You always instigate the conversation. In the case of two women, the one who swipes first is the one who starts the chat. If you identify as a woman and starting conversations isn’t your thing, this app isn’t for you. It has less traffic than Tinder, but there’s less of a ratio looking only for hookups, so the chance for nice dates is increased.

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6. Facebook

I get it, you don’t use Facebook other than to say hey to relatives. Oddly, young people tend to meet on Facebook from time to time, even in 2019. Update your Facebook a little more, talk to people on your feed. There’s no harm in branching out to find people with similar thoughts to you, and it’s an amazing thing to have the internet.

7. Through Friends

We all know when our friends are looking for love. Try asking around to see if anyone has any interest in being your blind date go-to. It may seem a little outdated for our generation, but it’s worth a shot, and it’ll make a good story whether or not it works out. Either way.

8. Friends

Your friends are the people who are closest to you, and your ideal soulmate is someone who also happens to be your best friend. The solution? Woman up, get over the awkwardness, and ask out the friend you “lowkey” but absolutely definitely have a crush on. It might be strange, it might be weird, but the payoff is a worthy reward for finding the one.

8 Ways To Meet ‘The One’

How do you plan to meet the one? Get on it, it’s time to find some love.

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