5 Ways Ariana Grande Inspired Your Style Without You Knowing

Ariana Grande is by far one of the largest pop stars on the planet. She’s earned so many titles in the music industry, and when it comes to fashion, she has earned the most influential celebrity style. Check out five of her looks below that have probably influenced your style!

1. Soft Mani

The soft style manicure is an iconic Ariana! Sometimes she switches it up with soft pink hues and white. She does like to switch it up from time to time with unexpected colors too, like metallic gold, blue, even glow in the dark nails, but she always keeps a feminine shape. Her nail shape is usually rounded and short.

When she feels festive, she may get silver color rhinestones, linear nail designs and letters on each nail, or french manicure, as seen in her Thank You Next music video. Look at your nail polish collection or notice which Ariana inspired colors you pick out at the salon, each time.

5 Ways Ariana Grande Inspired Your Style Without You Knowing

2. Thigh-High Boots

Thigh-high boots are not only warm, allowing you to wear a mini skirt and still be cozy, but they are also sexy for every day and night! The singer is always seen in different thigh-high boots, including suede and leather.

She wears them with everything, from over-sized t-shirts, sweaters, and dresses. Her boots always have heels and create an effortless scrunch in just the right places. Ariana usually keeps your jewelry plain-jane when wearing her boots, to keep the look focused.

5 Ways Ariana Grande Inspired Your Style Without You Knowing

3. Mini-Skirt

Speaking of mini skirts, Ariana Grande is always wearing a mini skirt of some sort, both on stage with her performance outfits, or walking around shopping. The mini skirt spiked in trends in fashion, with many skirts available at stores like Forever21 and Boohoo. She has every color and pattern imaginable, from solid pink to black and white plaid, even metallic silver!

She usually pairs her skirts with cropped tops and bralettes that compliment the pattern or color. Her skirts allow her to move her legs freely to dance and walk while performing or making special appearances at high profile clubs and parties.

5 Ways Ariana Grande Inspired Your Style Without You Knowing

4. Sweatshirt

An over-sized sweatshirt is so Ariana, with graphic prints and even her iconic thigh-high boots to complement. Sometimes Ariana dresses the sweatshirt down with classic sneakers and joggers, or she may dress it up with fine jewelry, studded earrings, and simplistic rings. Her white manicure always compliment her sweatshirt, weather it is plain or has graphics.

Her hair is usually pulled back into a low ponytail, or in a high pony with hair clips. She likes to wear her sweatshirts everywhere, from late-night fun with her friends and special live performances. When shes simply going for a coffee run, she likes to wear her sweatshirts with casual pieces like cuffed jeans and sneakers.

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5 Ways Ariana Grande Inspired Your Style Without You Knowing

5.  Oversized Jacket

Ariana loves her oversized jackets! Usually, in a puffer style, she likes to sport them with thigh-high boots and tights. Her jackets are large enough to completely cover her, while not drowning her small frame. She has many colors and styles, including black hood-less puffers and caution yellow jackets with graphic prints.

The ’90s inspired look is sometimes taken over the top by Ariana, with sunglasses and a scarf. She may even add accessories like a fanny pack or small handbag. She always has her signature high ponytail and rounded nails, when wearing her oversized coats.

5 Ways Ariana Grande Inspired Your Style Without You Knowing

Ariana Grande is very influential in both music and fashion. Her boots, jackets, mini skirts and more are all apart of her signature look. She likes to wear her manicures very simple with the softest colors that she can pair with her fine jewelry collection.

Which of these looks from Ariana Grande is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image source:https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/style/story/ariana-grande-face-givenchy-62961084
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