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Top 5 Vegan Youtube Channels to Follow for Recipe Inspiration

Vegan Youtube Channels are a great way to see how delicious recipes are made. The personalities behind the channels make it fun and interactive! Below are 5 Vegan Youtube Channels that you must follow to make the most delicious vegan food!

1. Sweet Potato Soul (Jenne Clairborne)

Jenne Clairborne is a vegan chef and author from Atlanta, Georgia. She started off her Youtube channel while living in New York. Giving us a glance at what it’s like to live on the Big Apple as a vegan. She later moved to Los Angeles to make it big on the Veggie environment. A city where lots of Vegan Youtubers reside on. She now lives in Atlanta, making wonderful southern-inspired recipes that are both delicious and nutritious. 

Her videos are one of a kind! You get to see how gorgeous her kitchen is as it’s decorated with many ornaments and decorations from around the world. The background music is also excellent and unique. While you watch her cook up a Jambalaya stew, you also get to hear Bossa Nova, Louisiana Jazz, African roots, and other unique genres of music. 

Her recipes are also out of this world! Foods that she made include Fried Chicken and Waffles, Teff Porridge, and Sweet Potato Pancakes. My biggest accomplishment with this channel is a butternut squash mac and cheese I made from scratch. It was incredible!

Top 5 Vegan Youtube Channels to Follow for Recipe Inspiration

2. Hot For Food (Lauren Toyota)

If you want to cook up some food that is more on the “junk food” side. Hot For Food is perfect for you. In here, you would definitely find classic comfort foods that are veganized for your pleasure. So if you are a picky eater, you would go Hot for this Food channel!

Lauren Toyota is a native Canadian who moved to LA. Her channel, Hot For Food, has become one of the biggest in the vegan community. I have known many vegans and non-vegans talk about her and how amazing her recipes are! Even other Youtubers have tried out her recipes. Jenna Marbles, one of the internet’s biggest personalities has tried Lauren Toyota’s cauliflower wings and fell and love with them. That is how big this channel is.

Unlike, Sweet Potato Soul, the vibe of each video is super energetic! This makes sense since this channel is all about crazy foods that people will eat during special events. I personally made Hot For Food’s seitan chicken wings to eat during the super bowl. Some of the best Vegan Chicken wings I have ever tried!

3. Avant-Garde Vegan (Gaz Oakley)

This channel is definitely what it says it is! Avant-Garde! So if you are a foodie who wants to try things on the experimental side. This Vegan Youtube Channel will guide you through the genius of this mad channel. At first, I thought Hot For Food was crazy with its ideas, but Gaz Oakley takes things on a whole new level!

Residing in the UK, Gaz Oakley makes picturesque recipe videos. Instantly captivating your eyes to this wonderful channel. His kitchen is also gorgeous looks film-ready. Every time I watch one of his videos, It feels like I am watching an episode of a Food Network show filmed at a studio. Rather than a single man filming in his home. 

The recipes are crazy! He has made vegan steak from scratch (using vital wheat gluten). He’s made Spanish Paella with plant-based shrimp! And the craziest thing I’ve seen him make is Ramen with a  vegan egg with a runny yolk in the middle! And as crazy as it sounds, this paves the way for innovation and the amazing progress the vegan community has made in recent years. 

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4. So You’re Dating a Vegan (Duncan and Liz)

Let’s clear the air here! Vegan recipes are not just for vegans! In fact, vegans and non-vegans can live happily together without any conflict. And this is what this Vegan Youtube Channel is about. It is about a couple named Duncan (Vegan) and Liz (non-Vegan) who film their day-to-day life as a “mixed diet” couple. They have even depicted their struggles in their relationship (a common thing in any matrimony anyways). They came to a compromise where their kitchen is one hundred percent vegan, and Liz gets to eat what she pleases outside of the house. Don’t worry though, she loves Vegan food! Plus they have an adorable baby daughter who is being raised vegan!

Unlike the other channels, Duncan and Liz have a pretty informal recipe development schedule. Since this channel focuses more on life depiction vlogs. But whenever they get a chance to make food, it is usually very easy comfort food you can make in seconds. I tried this simple pancake recipe of theirs that was absolutely delicious! It is a perfect pick-me-up for anyone who’s busy and needs to make something quick!

5. Peaceful Cuisine (Ryoya Takashima)

Behold is the most peaceful channel of them all. One of the best when it comes to food, atmosphere, and ASMR-like sounds. Ryoya Takashima provides one of the most immersive environments in recipe videos. In all the foods he produces, he does it as quietly as possible to retain that atmosphere. And the way his videos are shot are mostly close-ups of his hands interacting with the ingredients he uses. All of these elements combine to make me feel like I am watching a Pixar short. So yes! The quality of the Peaceful Cuisine videos alone makes this Vegan Youtube Channel Stand out!

Food wise? Out of this planet! Ryoya makes some of the most appealing foods I have ever seen! And as a Japanese, he also makes authentic Nihon dishes that look just as beautiful as the traditional foods! These include Ramen, Dorayaki, Harajuku Crepes, and other Modern Japan hits! The recipe that stood out to me the most is the melon pan. A melon bread he made from scratch! Apparently, it took him days to make this recipe! 

Did any of these Vegan Youtube Channels leave your stomach growling? Let us know your favorite Vegan Youtube Channel in the comments below!

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