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10 Up And Coming Fashion Influencers

10 Up And Coming Fashion Influencers

Quarantine has been a time of boredom for some, and the pinnacle of creativity for others. The newfound free-time among the young-people-public has given more chance for social media usage. But despite this excess time, social media engagement has surprisingly dropped since quarantine started. That, however didn’t stop these fashion influencers’ creativity from skyrocketing. The following 10 influencers are making names for themselves as designers, marketers and entrepreneurs in the fashion realm. Check out these fashion influencers for some much needed inspiration on a variety of fashion fronts…

First up, 

1. Kayla Sade/AOT

The first on our fashion influencers to watch list is the designer behind Almost On Time. AOT is a brand and creative venture by designer Kayla Sade. The brand showcases her “experiments with reconstruction” of second hand materials. With an emphasis on femininity and streetwear, Almost On Time is known for their sporty chic corsets. Each piece is one of a kind and made by Kayla in her San Francisco studio. Follow the instagram account @almost.on.time for new launches, and check out the website to order a piece. 

10 Up And Coming Fashion Influencers

2. Erin Robertson

Erin Robertson, the creative behind fashion brand An_Erin, is one of the most fun gals on the market. Erin won Project Runway season 15 (a must-watch, so much drama and even more creativity) and soon after launched her own brand. Living in and working from Boston, Erin focuses on color, vibrancy and bananas? in many of her designs. Her work has been featured in a variety of publications including but not limited to Marie Claire, Nylon, Teen Vogue, Forbes, and Elite Daily. Like other fashion influencers, this self proclaimed “Fashion Scientist” has collaborated with many brands and companies to create a variety of collections and types of art. But unlike others, Erin even had the chance to work with the MIT Media Lab… truly a scientist in her own right. Erin has also been a huge contributor to the “cute masks” movement with her signature “Bow Mask”. With all she’s been pumping out lately, An_Erin and Erin Robertson is definitely a design brand and fashion influencer to follow this year.

p.s. why do I want this oyster top so bad?!

10 Up And Coming Fashion Influencers

3. Sam Feher

Is there anything this fashion influencer can’t do? Sam Feher is currently the Assistant to the Editor In Chief at Cosmopolitan Magazine, along with the mag’s editorial assistant. But her accomplishments don’t stop here. When not logging hours at Cosmo, Sam has her own consulting business, online boutique, and numerous social media platforms to fuel her never-ending list of creative endeavors. Her boutique, @eatbrunchclub, features pieces that are actually affordable and even cuter than they are kindly-priced. Not to mention her foodie account is practically as aesthetically pleasing as her personal and boutique accounts combined.  Whether you’re looking for a new piece to buy, some fashion inspiration or something fun to eat, one of her many platforms will serve as the perfect influence. Need help on your RESUME?! Email her on her website and she can help you with that too. Like I said… there’s nothing she can’t do. 

10 Up And Coming Fashion Influencers

4. Paige Secosky

The Pittsburgh native but New Yorker at heart, Paige Secosky, is the next fashion influencer on the list. Paige started her youtube channel in 2012 and since then has garnered almost 600,000 subscribers. As a recent college graduate of LIM college in New York, she has spent the last few years creating youtube content about fashion and lifestyle. The ‘fashion influencer’ title only tells half of Paige’s story. Her social media platforms are constantly used to emphasize social rights- like her BLM Insta highlight, environmentalism- in promoting countless sustainable fashion brands, and other social issues. If you’re looking for a mix of edgy, streetwear and feminine, Paige is your much needed fashion inspiration. But if you’re looking for a way to support brands in need or live socially consciously, her page can also help you with that.

5. Sade Mims

Never thought to accessorize with a one-shoulder charcoal wrap-top? Think again. Sade Mims is the head designer at EDAS, an NYC local accessory brand. EDAS was originally started to focus on sustainability in the accessories world- using “unusual home-goods and refurbished elements” to create their pieces. The brand, now nearing 15k on Instagram, has been featured in some big name publications like The Zoe Report, Harper’s Bazaar, The Cut and even Vogue. Sade Mims is another fashion influencer that can influence us in more ways than just fashion. In her Vogue profile, Sade spoke about her “ability to seek delight through self-admiration”, especially with her natural hair. Quarantine has allowed Sade Mims’ imagination to run wild with her accessory brand EDAS, which just must be checked out here. 

10 Up And Coming Fashion Influencers

6. Calista Desousa

Calista Desousa is the brains (and hands) behind her swimwear company, @alfaswimwear. Calista decided to create a brand she could stand behind, and in turn Alfa Swim was born- focused on sustainability and empowering women. On her personal Instagram, Calista shares more than her fashion influencer side. She shares her journey with body positivity, working out, and her personal sense of style. And of course, many photos of her handmade bikinis! For more about the suits that make up her swim line, check out the Alfa Swimwear Instagram, too. 

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7. Emily Ann

Emily’s Instagram account, @whatsemilydoing, tells us exactly that… what she’s doing! From Instagram to poshmark to youtube, Emily shares her thoughts as a fashion influencer on a variety of platforms. Recently she has shared with us her favorite loungewear (perfect for our continuous quarantine days) and a luxury thrift haul (we love second hand fashion… amazing for the environment) among more tips and tricks about fashion and lifestyle. Need a feed that will bring you complete serenity within moments of looking at it? @whatsemilydoing is the place for you. 

10 Up And Coming Fashion Influencers

8. Lara Pia Baroncini (Arrobio)

The former designer of Reformation now stands as the creative director behind her own ready-to-wear clothing line (LPA, get it? Lara Pia Arrobio?). Lara is the epitome of a fashion influencer success story. Throughout much of her professional career, Lara maintained a highly influential personal instagram account. This account gained her some attention from many in the industry. Raissa Gerona, once simply a follower of Lara’s account, approached Lara just after she stopped her job as designer of Reformation and was in the process of picking up her life to move to Spain to begin a new job at ZARA. Raissa is the co-founder of Alliance Apparel, and wanted to work with Lara to start a brand of her own. Since 2016, Lara’s personal instagram account has grown from 46k to 143k, and LPA’s account has collected over 280k followers of its own. The “unique aesthetic and persona” Lara had built for herself online was influential enough, but LPA makes it all the more tangible for her audience. Not only can they follow what trends she backs and what styles she sports, but they can now jump in on the fun and purchase some Lara pieces too. Who knows what’s in store for Lara next. But check her out on Instagram to stay in the loop!

9. Alana Johnson

Alana Johnson… a.k.a. Lady Lana or @lanathecowboy on Insta, is the next must-follow-and-become-influenced-by fashion influencer. Again, this fashion influencer created her own line that is-quite frankly-unstoppable.  Few fashion influencers have the creativity of lanathecowboy and it shows with her social media presence and clothing brand. Her brand, Orseund Iris, … Need more of a reason to follow Alana on Instagram? When Milk.nyx asked her what resources were used throughout her brand upbringing she answered “Instagram. Social media. Influencers…” . So basically, if you want to become creative director and designer of a brand worn by Kaia Gerber, Em Rata and more… this fashion influencer might be a good place to start. See Lady Lana wearing Orseund below (heart eyes). 

10 Up And Coming Fashion Influencers

10. Phil Cohen

Switching it up a bit for the 10th and final Up & Coming Fashion Influencer. Phil Cohen takes his expertise on menswear and spins it (and folds it and lays it out really nicely) for followers and consumers to easily follow. Phil has worked with brands like Ray Ban and Ralph Lauren, along with countless others to promote his take on menswear. Each of his photos is simple and clean, creating a formulaic instagram feed like no other. Regardless of your experience wearing menswear, check out his work here and you’ll be sure to get inspired.

Feel super inspired by one of these fashion influencers? Are you a fashion influencer? Let us know in the comments below! 
Featured photo thanks to thehandbook‘s 2020 Influencer Trends Story! Check it out here!
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