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What Does His Style Really Say About Him?

What Does His Style Really Say About Him?

What Does His Style Really Say About Him?

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but what about a guy by his style? Sure, not everything is just about looks, and sure, you can learn a lot more about a person by actually getting to know them, but more often than not, the way a person presents themselves actually does say a lot about who they are. So what does your guy’s style say about him? Let’s find out. 

1. Surfer Vibe

If your guy shops at Island Water Sports, Billabong, Pacsun, or anything of the sort, he’s probably pretty ~chill~.These stores pretty much scream: weed, weed, and more weed, which is great if you’re into that. And generally, he’s probably rocking the scruff and long hair which can be super hot. However, though your man might show you great music, you still have to be careful because sometimes this means that they spend way too much time getting high and not enough time getting off the couch to spend time with you! 

What Does His Style Really Say About Him?

2. Preppy & Prim

A guy who loves his vineyard vines can mean that he comes from a good family and has his priorities straight. It means that you can bring him nice places, and he’ll probably have good manners. Also, parents love a preppy guy, so that’s a plus. On the flipside though, a preppy and prim might not always actually be the guy your parents think he is. Preppy guys are often fraternity guys, and if you don’t already know, there’s a lot to be careful about in respect to this group of people. Preppy, though giving the illusion of well mannered and polite, can actually mean he’s way too ‘for the boys.’ It can also just mean that he doesn’t know how else to dress if not in a button down, khakis, and dress shoes. 

What Does His Style Really Say About Him?

3. Over dressed

It’s a breath of fresh air when a guy takes as long to get ready as you do, and actually looks better half the time! A guy who dresses right is amazing, but if your man is overdressed all the time, this might mean that he takes himself a little too seriously. There shouldn’t be a problem dressing to the occasion and not everything requires slacks and a button down– there’s a time and a place. If the guy you like can’t keep it casual, does he have a problem just winding down in general? That might be way his style really says about him!

4. Simple or sloppy? 

There’s definitely attraction about a guy who can throw on anything and look good anyway, so much so that he doesn’t really have a ‘style’ necessarily. Frankly, it’s hot when a guy just doesn’t care about how he looks, but at the same time, there’s a fine line between simple and sloppy. A guy whose entire wardrobe consists of three different t-shirts and shorts might not be the most hygenic. If this is your guy, make sure he’s taking showers everyday! 

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What Does His Style Really Say About Him?

5. Workout clothes 

What Does His Style Really Say About Him?

Ok, if your guy is always wearing workout clothes, that can be a serious red flag. Athleisure might mean that he’s obsessed with his image and physical appearance, which is great in moderation, but not all the time. If he’s constantly dressed like he’s going to the gym, he might be a little too self absorbed, so watch out! There is such a thing as too much Lulu Lemon. But, if you’re an athleisure person yourself, this is a match made in heaven! It could mean that both of you value a healthy and active lifestyle which means you’ll have loads to do together! 

Is there any styles that are missing? What does your man’s style say about him? Comment below!

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