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8 Ways To Rock A Mini Skirt During The Colder Months

8 Ways To Rock A Mini Skirt During The Colder Months

8 Ways To Rock A Mini Skirt During The Colder Months

Mini skirts are a must, everyone loves to wear! But sometimes you worry that at winter time they can’t be stylish, which is a lie! Mini skirts will always be in, whether with or without tights or in winter or summer.

Plus where it’s winter somewhere it’s summer somewhere else, so don’t compromise your style due to the seasons. Wearing a mini skirt is easy but rocking it? That requires some skills, so here are eight ways to dress a mini skirt during the colder months.

1. Blazer and Skirt

My first classic go-to look is a mini skirt and blazer. This looks super classy and it’s a great way to style a mini skirt during the colder seasons. And if it gets very cold you can add a pair of black matte tights that don’t take away from the look and just add that extra oompf.


All I can say is if you’re a classy gal wear it with a nice pair of heels but if you can’t be asked a good pair of boot heels or knee-high boots will do. Remember do not take away from the blazer so don’t overdo the shoe.

2. Knee High Boots and Skirt

Right who doesn’t love a good mini skirt in the colder season? But let’s be honest who doesn’t love a mini skirt with knee-high boots? This is a hot as hell, sexy AF look that we should all start doing. It’s a great way to style a mini skirt in the wintertime because not only does it cover you up more but it looks amazing while doing so.

Remember you, a nice pattern skirt with a knee-high boot looks super fashionable but even if you choose to go monochromatic so all black or all grey it still is a fashionista outfit, so go out there and rock it!


3. Mini Skirt and Sweater

Cold means sweater season and I’m being serious. This is the prime time to start wearing a nice sweater or knitted jumper, they look super stylish and it’s just a great look. But, it looks even better with a high waist mini skirt. It’s super cute and it looks so put together. A high neck sweater is also a great choice for the wintertime as well as it looks actual amazing on.

My big tip is to style the jumper according to the color of your skirt. Put a belt and cinch in the waist, you’ll look fantastic.

4. Leather

Leather! Let’s just take it in. Leather is such a great look on anyone and everyone. Remember it doesn’t have to be real leather if you don’t like it, and you can style it however you want! Regardless you’ll not only look banging hot but leather is just such a look. It’s stylish, it can be dressed up or dressed down and you can decide the style of the skirt according to your own style.


If you are a classic type then an A-line leather skirt is your best friend. If you are flirty then a skater girl leather skirt is just divine on you! Hunny, it’s all in your hands so take the time to choose what you think best suits you. Leather skirts can be an investment so make sure to you are convinced and will wear it.

5. Mini Skirt and Tights

Right, it’s winter so this is just an absolute must. Mini skirts and tights. It’s super controversial some love and some hate it, but let’s just say those who hate it are not okay. Mini skirts can and ARE a must for the colder seasons, they look so cute and sweet with a pair of tights, and you can style them with pattern tights, colorful tights, fishnets so on and so forth. They look fantastic, so don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Plus, with a pair of boots? OOft they look amazing.


6. Pattern Mini Skirt

Pattern mini skirts are where it’s at. It’s such an easy way to dress differently and outside the box without being too much. A nice leopard, or plaid or even flower patterns, these all look so cute. They can be dressed up with a nice elegant shirt and heels or you can dress it down with a nice pair of converse and a crop top, it’s up to personal preference.

Regardless of your choice of more or less elegant, you’ll still look stunning.

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7. Denim Mini

Denim is an actual moment. But mini skirts in denim? They are just so cute and are perfect for every season. Denim with tight or without tights; it doesn’t matter it looks great both ways. And you can wear a crop top or shirt for a warmer day or a lovely chunky jumper for those colder seasons.

Black boots, converse, knee highs, heels whatever you decide it will always look good because let’s be honest, denim looks good with everything.

8. Mini Sporty

Mini skirts can be dressed sportier. A denim skirt paired with chunky over-sized jumpers or jacket, trainers and an athletic top not only looks more sporty but looks great as well. This is such an easy way to wear a skirt on the daily, look “put together”, without feeling super dressy. I love this look, it’s such a great way to style a mini skirt. Sometimes the name mini skirt makes you think you can’t wear it whenever you want, but that’s not true.


Mini skirts are cute and can be worn whenever you want!

10. Sequin

Sequin mini skirts are just amazing. Who doesn’t love sequin? It’s shiny and sparkly and looks so girly on. This is a great way to wear a mini skirt on a night out during the colder season. Paired with tights and boots it can be less dressy, but tights with heels it’s just a banging night out look, that’ll have everyone wondering where you got your skirt.

So, get yourself a sequin mini skirt and shine on girl!



Mini skirts are just amazing and so stylish to wear, it doesn’t matter if it’s colder it will look great regardless! These are some tips o how to style mini skirts! Like and give a comment if you have other tips and tricks!

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