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10 Reasons Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

10 Reasons Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

these reasons your mum is your best friend are too relatable. Find out why your mum is your bestie. She will always have your back. Here's why mums rule

She may be a pain and tell you off, and she may be that one who can always comfort you. Either way here are 10 reasons your mum is your best friend for life!

1. She will never judge you

Life can sometimes be tough and where would you be without the love and support of your mum? She lets you make your own mistakes, not because she doesn’t care but because shell let you learn and most importantly she’ll be there to catch you when you fall. No matter how bad life may become she will never judge the good or bad decisions you make because at the end of the day she will always love you unconditionally. The only thing she wants is to watch you grow into the adult she sees before her even if you cant see it. For this reason you should always trust your mum to go for as she is your own personal therapist, for free and for lack of judgement.


2. The shoulder to cry on

Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad times and how better to be there for you emotionally than the only strong woman who means so much to you in life. Your mum is the perfect one for a shoulder to cry on in happy and sad times because she not only carried you for nine months but gave birth and watched you grow. She let you take your first steps, (and probably cried also) she watched you walk for the first time and cry, and she watched you through either a break up f heartache or share happy news together. Either way the moral of the story is she’s the only shoulder who’s reliable enough to cry on.

3.  She’ll keep all your little secrets

No matter what you tell her, whether its some juicy gossip or a secret you need just can hold in anymore, your mu will be the most reliable one who will always keep it safe. It’s a bond for life and it works both ways as she feels as you grow older you both rely on each other for advice on these little secrets and the bond created is one unbreakable for life. It’s a gift worth cherishing and a woman who has the best sense of humour to make you realise that some things in life cannot be broken.


4.  She’ll always chip in and help you out

Whether you’re struggling financially (because you screwed up) or emotionally (usually with boys) then your mu is the best person to go to for advice and no matter what she’ll always give you the most honest advice you and if she needs to help you in any way you know she will. You will always feel grateful for her help and will always feel you owe her the world. Something that every mother-daughter duo should share and help each other out. You’ll never want to lose touch with your mum because no one can quite replace her.


5. She’ll cheer you on and up when things are rough

Your mum knows the honest truth and because if this she will always cheer you on because you will always be her number 1. She makes you see the light in life and the best way to get over the rough is to laugh it off and have a good time with her. Obviously as the years go on you both feel life drifting apart as you being a career and your own life but you know that she’ll always bring joy and happiness, and even though life becomes busy you’ll always make time for her as who doesn’t want a catch up with some wine and a good laugh with your mum.

6. You’ll have the greatest adventures with her

Whether you take a trip or go on holiday together, you’ll always have the best of times and laugh constantly. She’ll be the best person who you actually want to spend time with and make plenty of memories even if she winds you up sometimes, but after all what’s a mum without the rough and tough in between. Your trips and adventures can be made literally out for anything, including a trip to the shops can have you rolling in tears of laughter and you have the best inside jokes together that only you two share.


7. She’ll always protect you where necessary

No one wants to be smothered by their mum but sometimes you actually need it. She’ll protect you when you need it because she’s your mum and that mothering instinct never leaves her. When young you see it as annoying and overbearing but as you grow you do thank her and see everything that she does from her perspective. Maybe even one day you’ll understand if you become a parent yourself.


8. You can call her anytime, day or night

She may not thank you at the time but you know you can always call your mum with a problem and shell be ready with love and support. She’ll make any large problem seem easy to overcome and that you can do the impossible. She’s like the tutor in life that when you fall over and stumble she’s right there to shout at you to get back up and pull you into getting on with it.


It may be in the form of tough love but she’s doing it for the right reasons. She’ll listen to you and actually mean what she’s saying. Even if you live in another country or place in the world, time to call has no boundaries as she always wants to be there for you, and that is something that cant be bought but comes naturally. You, yourself also want to return he favour for her.

9. You’ll find yourself wanting to spend time with her

Most people want to spend time with a boyfriend or friend in general but actually spending time with your mum comes first. Its time you both cherish as you have so much fun together even if you don’t even spend every time talking. Even watching a movie together is time well spent together. Time spent too long away from her can actually make you sad and you feel surprised at even thinking about this. Family events are basically when you guys meet up and that’s all you need in life.


10. You’d be lost without her

She knows you better than anyone else will ever know you and that alone scares you because you hope to god she’s around forever (especially when you screw up) and keep up with her honest self who always has your best interests at heart. One day you may even become her and you just shrug and embrace it because she is literally the best human in the world!

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