I’m Mainly Friends With Boys And This Is What I’ve Learned

This is what I've learned from being friends with boys. It is definitely different than being friends with all girls, but I am here for it.

You know the rumour that boys are less drama than girls and that’s why there’s some girls who prefer being friends with guys, rather than girls? Well, let me tell you, some guys might be less drama but most of them definitely aren’t. I have been lucky enough to have found the most amazing friends at university and most of them happen to be boys and let me tell you, I have learnt a lot from being friends with boys.

1. There are always people assuming you’re dating one of them

I wish there was a template that you could read out to people who question your friendship and are convinced there’s more happening between you. Why do some people not understand the possibility of men and women being friends?

2. …or at least sleeping with one of them

Hahahahahaha… no. This is one of the perks of being friends with boys.


3. They’re much more understanding than you’d think

It’s kind of amazing to have close guy friends, as they will tell you their honest opinion on the guy you’re dating. However, in terms of actual relationship advice, they’re absolutely useless, as the general reply seems to be: Fuck him!

4. Guys seem to be scared of your guy-friends

I’ve been in so many situations where other guys I knew got really intimidated when they found out I hang out with my guy friends a lot. I don’t know whether that’s because they’re insecure themselves or they simply don’t understand the whole friendship concept. This is another perk of being friends with boys.

5. They don’t really talk about their feelings

Don’t get me wrong, some do, but the majority I know swallow all their feelings and get weird when you ask them. For girls, it’s a normality to talk about your feelings and no one judges, but guys just don’t seem to do that really. 


6. They’re children

Literally 8 year old’s stuck in adult bodies.

7. They’re unbearable when they’re drunk

Jumping on cars, trying to start fights out of nowhere and punching holes in walls. That seems to be a normal Friday night with the lads. Better get used to it.

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8. They see you as one of them

When you’re the only girl in a guy group, chances are they don’t even see you as a girl anymore… the same way you don’t see them as guys. Being friends with boys will have this side effect.

9. Girls tend to think you don’t like hanging out with girls

Which absolutely isn’t the case. I’ve got many girlfriends, as well as guy friends. I’ve realised that most of the time the girls, who give you grief because of who you’re friends with, are just jealous.

10. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who you’re friends with, as long you support and  respect each other.



Which of these ways that being friends with boys was relatable to you? Let us know below.

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