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10 Black And White Gingham Trousers Appropriate For Everything

10 Black And White Gingham Trousers Appropriate For Everything

Black and white gingham trousers can be a great outfit addition for work, nights out, weekend get-a-ways and the every day. This list of gingham trousers are chic and add a classic touch to any ensemble.

Gingham patterned clothes are cute. You can wear them both in winter and summer as it is a wearable pattern for both seasons. You can also wear them everyday, at work or uni, and at night if you dress them up accordingly. Here are 10 black and white gingham trousers appropriate for everything.

Gingham Stretch Cigarette Trousers

This pair of gingham trousers is made of stretch cotton for comfort. They are really comfortable and wearable on an everyday basis. Also the cut is slightly boyish for those who don’t like bodycon clothing.


Gingham Cropped Bengaline Trousers

The fabric of this pair is appropriate for summer; it’s light and breathable. Also the cut is below the knees, a capri cut, and it is high-waist.

Gingham Trouser With Belt

I like the belt on this pair of black and white gingham trousers. The trousers are high-waisted and cropped. They may look grey but the pattern is really small; the little squares are subtle and small.


Gingham Check Capri Trousers

This pair of gingham trousers has the same cut as a pair of jeans. It’s high-waisted and not skinny at the bottom. The cut is straight and cropped to the ankle, according to the trend.


Tie Waist Gingham Trousers

Another pair of trousers perfect for the summer. I like the belt and the fact that it is high-waisted.

Black Gingham Bengaline Trousers

A simple pair of gingham trousers. This one does not have any detail on it. It hugs however the figure more than the other pairs mentioned previously.


Smart Stretch Trousers

This style of this one is different to the others. It doesn’t have the smart look but rather a more edgier style with the zipped pockets. It can be worn both during the day and during the night.

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Innocence Black Gingham Check Tie Waist Cropped Trousers

I would say that this pair of trousers is more appropriate for the summer due to the light fabric. Again, it’s cropped with a belt and frill at the top.


White/Black Gingham Frill Cuff Trousers

I love this pair of trousers! It’s high-waist, hugs your figure and it is cropped below the knees. It has frills at the bottom too, adding a nice detail!

Gingham Ankle Leggings

This is kind of like leggings. The style is like leggings but the actual fabric is the same as of trousers. In other words, the cut is not straight and it resembles skinny jeans or leggings, hugging your figure.


Do you usually wear black and white gingham trousers? Let us know in the comments below!

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