10 Times You Miss Your Uni Friends Over The Summer Holiday

Summer is a bittersweet time. On one hand, you survived the school year and are that much closer to graduating. But on the other hand, you have to leave all of your university friends behind for three months. Suddenly you no longer have an extra closet to browse through, no one to skip class with, and no one to grab drinks with after passing that ridiculously hard exam. Wow, talk about a culture shock! You find yourself counting down the days until you go back to uni, with a list of activities you all need to complete before the end of the year.  Maybe summer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Here are ten times you desperately miss your uni friends over break!

1. When it’s midnight and you want to order pizza.

This happens all too often during a stressful week of revision and exams. There is always that one friend who will be down to eat and stress with you, no matter what. When you’re back at home, suddenly it is unacceptable to order pizza alone at this hour…and ordering it with your parents just isn’t the same.


2. When you have nothing to wear.

There is nothing better than feeling like you have nothing to wear, then walking over to your friends closet and finding endless options. Well, those days are over and it is so heartbreaking.




3. When you’re seriously lacking motivation to go to the gym.

Working out just isn’t the same without your partner-in-crime.


4. When the group chat is blowing up.

You put your phone down for ten minutes, and all of a sudden you have over one hundred missed text messages. As you are going through and reading the conversation, laughing at everything being said, it dawns on you how much you miss your uni friends. Telling stories over text is never as good as telling them in person.

5. When no one will go out with you.

A night out with your friends is all you need after a long work week. But, it’s not as easy to plan a night full of drinking now that everyone is far away. You miss waking up hungover on Sunday morning and recounting the events of Saturday night with everyone.


6. When you can’t make decisions on your outfit.

Life just isn’t same when your girls aren’t around to help you decide whether you should cuff your jeans with those black heels or not. Instead of having the ease of them putting an outfit together for you, you need to send them an endless stream of pictures that show all of your options and wait for them to text you back.



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7. When telling inside jokes to your friends back at home.

Talking about how much you miss the restaurant down the street from school, with your friends back home, isn’t the same. It becomes extremely uncomfortable and awkward because no one knows what you’re talking about since they don’t go to school with you…oops.


8. When you realise how complicated making plans is.

Life was so much easier when everyone had the same schedule, but now that it is summer everyone is going in different places. Making plans seems more complicated than that calculus class you took second year.


9. When you need a cuddle sesh.

Whether you failed an exam or you got your heart broken and you need an extra special hug, you used to be able to just walk across the dorm. And let me tell you, virtual hugs do not even compare.

10. When you simply just miss your uni friends.

Going from being surrounded by all of your favorite people to being miles apart is hard to get used to. It is only until we are separated from them when we really understand how much our uni friends mean to us.


When do you miss your uni friends over the summer? Comment below!

Featured image source: tumblr.com