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10 Types Of Tea From All Over The World You Should Try

Tea has been around for centuries and it is prevalent in all parts of the world! It is a big part of each country’s culture and traditions. Although tea is just a variation from country to country, some styles are similar. Here are 10 types of tea from all over the world that you should give a try!

1. India, Persia, Pakistan-Chai

Chai literally means “tea” and it is a big part of South Asian and Middle Eastern culture. It has a few variations depending on where you are. For example, in India, masala chai is the big one. It is just black tea but with spices such as cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon which gives it a spicy/sweet flavor. It is also drunk with milk giving it a creamy texture! Another variation is the Kashmiri chai which is prevalent in Persia and Pakistan- made the same way except cooked with salt and baking soda which gives it a pink color! It is also often topped with almonds and rose petals.

2. North Africa- Moroccan Mint

Moroccan Mint tea is a big one in North Africa! It is super simple to make since it is just steamed mint leaves with green tea. It is very popular all over the region and is a big part of the hospitality culture; you won’t be going into someone’s home without it! It’s a great way to keep cool and fresh!

3. South America- Yerba Mate

Yerba mate tea is very popular all over the South American region but even more so in Argentina. It is sort of between green and black tea. Gives you the strength of coffee, health benefits of tea, and euphoria of chocolate! It is extremely good for you and gives you loads of energy without the crash!

4. Japan- Matcha

You’re going to have matcha fun with this one;) Super healthy, frothy, and you can have it in many ways! Matcha is getting really popular everywhere because of its health benefits and yummy taste. It is usually bitter without being sweetened and usually, people get it with milk as well as a latte! Starbucks now has a bunch of matcha based drinks such as their latte, hot or iced, and frappuccino!

5. Britain- Earl Grey and Royal English Breakfast

The most typical tea is black Ceylon tea, originally from Asia but the English loooooved this stuff since the beginning of time. The more popular teas; Royal English- usually consumed in the morning, and Earl Grey in the afternoon. Royal English has a very smooth taste and if you drink it the British way, you get it with milk and sugar of course (along with some scones and sandwiches)! Earl Grey is another great tea made with lavender, bergamot, and lemon aromas!

6. Taiwan- Bubble Tea

A high incoming hit, bubble tea is absolutely delicious and fun! Full of many colors and flavors, this tea is made with any milk base you want (the standard is black), sweetened, and with milk or cream, and with tapioca bubbles! There are many increasing bubble tea cafes opening up especially in cities. Make sure to try all of the fun flavors especially the tropical ones!

7. Egypt- Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a major favorite tea for Egyptians. It is totally caffeine free, tart and flavorful and has many health benefits as well. A true lovely desert flower. You really don’t need much to make this tea extra; some add honey or mint to it and the natural flavors do most of the work! Delicious both hot or iced!

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8. South Africa- Rooibos

Rooibos is also known as red tea and it is very prevalent in the southern parts of Africa where it is grown. It has a naturally sweet taste so there is no need to sweeten or do much with it; it has a very vanilla-like taste so you’re basically having calorie free dessert in a cup! Not to mention all the health benefits of rooibos as well; you can’t go wrong with this one!

9. China- White, Green, Jasmine

China is known for the origins of the main teas; green, white, and jasmine. Green is super typical now everywhere and is a great alternative to coffee because of the amazing energy and health it gives. White is super similar in terms of caffeine but it has a step above green while a step below black. Jasmine is a natural, floral tea that is just amazing to the taste and aroma!

10. Thailand- Thai Tea

Last but not least the oh so famous Thai tea! This is tea made with sweetened condensed milk and is usually served iced! Easily recognized by its’ orange color, this tea has a unique flavor on its own; vanilla mixed with some warm spices. The milk give the tea the whole experience; it is a desert in itself!

What are some of your favorite types of teas? Comment below!

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