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Tips for Future Writers In College

Tips for Future Writers In College

Writing is a beautiful profession and hobby. It’s a great way to express your emotions and fuel your imagination. For a lot of people, writing is the easiest form of communication. Writing can help lift your spirits when you’re down or even help you sort out some issues in your life. Regardless of whether you see writing as a potential profession or just as a hobby, there are thing to remember about writing that everyone should know. Writers in college have probably some of the best mindsets for writing. It’s such a transitional period in life and adds so much. There is never a better time for writing than when you need to release some thoughts. So, before you pick up your pen and begin writing, here are a few tips for any writers in college.



  • Don’t allow others to influence your writing.

One of the biggest problems that a lot of writers in college go through, is finding their voice. Your voice as a writer is very unique to just you. This is not something that you can allow others to change. Constructive feedback is one thing, but the tone and voice in your writing must remain you. The best way to do this, is by simply writing about what and who you are. You must know why you want to be a writer or why you are writing to begin with. Do you want to inspire? Do you want to bring up certain issues? If you can’t understand your purpose for writing, then no one who reads your things will. You’ll start to notice the more you write, how easier it gets to be able to see yourself behind all of your pieces. Once you find your voice, you’ll be able to get started on any projects you have been planning.


  • Find a place that inspires you.

Another great challenge that a lot of writers in college will face is the ability to stay committed to their writing. Sometimes, life becomes a little overwhelming and you just want the day to yourself. Sadly, by doing so, nothing gets done. A big way to help keep your mind focused is by finding one spot that allows you to engulf in your writing. It can be a library, a bookstore, coffee shop, lake, anything. Wherever you feel like your mind won’t wonder. It’s important as a writer to feel inspired and to always keep yourself working. Dedicate a set amount of time for yourself to write and go to your location of choice and get started. You’ll be surprised as to how quickly the time will fly by once you’re in your own little world. Nature and society itself can greatly affect your writing. Sometimes your room isn’t enough to give your mind that extra boost of energy that it needs. The people you encounter, the animals you see, everything the world has to offer, acts as inspiration for you to use in your writing. So find a spot and head over there to write and see what you can get out of it.



  • Take your time and do the research needed.

A lot of writers get constricted by the time restraint they are given. If you are writing for a job or school, then time limits are to be expected. If you are writing simply for yourself on your own time, then you should not be rushing anything. Writers in college have so much time and freedom to write. Whether they want to write blogs, or magazine articles or even write a book, there is so much time for you to take. Planning and research are crucial to having an audience appreciate your writing. Don’t put down random words that sound right in your head. Put in some extra work to find the research on the topic you want to write about. If you are a nonfiction writer and are creating an entirely new story, then you have a little more work to do. For nonfiction writers, the challenge comes from creating a world. You have to build from the bottom up a world that has an airtight way of operating. Your readers will appreciate the fact that you actually took the time to fabricate a world in which they can read to get lost in and just enjoy. There are so many great examples in modern media of nonfiction worlds that have been fabricated with lots of care and the payoff is huge.

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  • Write to make yourself happy.

While every writer wants to make an impact on someone else’s life, you can’t expect a lot of people to be happy with your writing if you aren’t happy with it yourself. A lot of writers in college learn how to write but they don’t learn the actual beauty of the art. Write for yourself before anything else. Make yourself happy with the content you are creating. The beauty of crafts such as writing is that it is a profession that radiates the creator’s emotions. If you don’t enjoy the topic you are writing about, then it will be apparent in the final product. Use your emotion and love for the craft to fuel the range of your writing. Of course, you aren’t going to be able to always love every single topic you have to write about, but when you are given the freedom to fully dive into your craft, then make sure your heart is in it just as much as your mind. If you have any doubts about anything in your writing at all then don’t submit it. You owe it to yourself just as much as you owe it to anyone else to create something amazing. While not everyone is going to love it, if it’s perfect to you the writer, then it will reach someone out there. Don’t hold any ideas back and never settle for anything less. Writing is a form of art. Art is meant to be an expression, so write to your heart’s content.