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Best Swimwear for Summer 2022

Best Swimwear for Summer 2022

Keep reading to find out the best swimwear recommendations that will complete your summer 2022 bathing suit wardrobe. As we are in the thick of summer and have plenty of beach days or trips to the pool in front of us, it is essential to have the best swimwear! Some people may love being in a bathing suit and feel confident in anything, but this is not true for everyone. For others, they would rather stay at home in their room than feel like they are forced to sit on the beach in a bathing suit. So let’s change this mindset! Keep reading to learn about swimwear that you will fall in love with. You will love the different styles, patterns, and colors you can choose from to ensure that you feel your most beautiful self in your suit! Find out the top four brands you need to try this summer!


I love LSPACE swimwear! One of the unique parts of their swimwear is that you will find that these swimsuits last. They may be pricier, but they are worth it. You will find that this swimwear will survive your summers. They come in all different styles, colors, and patterns. They have anything from your full coverage one-piece to a one-piece with cutouts to your itty bitty bikini and everything in between. They are also constantly dropping new styles and patterns. I swear every time I go to check their website. There are more options to choose from. I know I already talked about quality, but it is fantastic. In the past, I have bought swimwear from other companies, and over time the bottoms start to stretch out, get saggy, or the overall swimsuit will fade from the sun. I have never experienced this from LSPACE! Their fabric is soft and buttery and fits perfectly on your skin. You can shop their swimwear directly on their website, but they also sell to other retailers such as Revolve, Nordstrom, and others. Trust me; you will see this swimwear and must buy one or more immediately. You can’t go wrong with any suits from LSPACE for your summer 2022 adventures!
2. Maaji

I am genuinely obsessed with Maaji swimwear! They are stunning, beautiful, and bright bathing suits you will want to drown in your closet. These bathing suits are made from a fantastic material! These bathing suits often come with padding for your top, but I often take the padding out because, with their fabric, I don’t find that they are necessary! Almost all their bathing suits are reversible, with is fantastic! Imagine getting one swimsuit for the price of one! My bank account is thanking Maaji and me! And it’s not one of those swimwear lines that claim that you can wear their swimsuits both ways, but in reality, you can’t because you can see the linings and stitching, or you don’t like the other side. No, this is not the case when it comes to Maaji; with their fun prints, gorgeous prints, and stunning designs, you can wear their bathing suits both ways! These bathing suits are also beyond flattering as they come in different and unique styles. You can buy the Maaji swimwear line directly from them online, but they also sell to boutiques, Nordstroms, and more! Your bathing suit collection is not complete until you have a Maaji swimsuit.

3. Triangl

Trail swimwear is fantastic! I love Trail bathing suits because they are all so different. They have so many other materials, from scuba to velvet! These bathing suits are fun and the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. They have other prints, from classic solid colors to flirty yellow zebra prints. They have all different styles, from sexy one-pieces to your classic string bikini. The way that these bathing suits are designed is very flattering and will help you feel confident entering your next beach day! They are a bit more expensive, but they are worth the investment. The Triangl Swimwear will last you a lifetime! They are great, don’t stretch, and the color won’t fade. You can purchase these bathing suits from Triangl’s website.
4. Frankies Bikinis

Frankies Bikinis is a great swimwear brand! These bathing suits are always so trendy and consistently changing to what is in style. So If you like the more modern look, these bathing suits are for you! They have everything from super bright floral bathing suit patterns to simple solid colors. They also allow you to mix and match your tops and bottoms. And what is also amazing is that they have so many different styled tops and bottoms to choose from and different levels of coverage for your swimwear. Check their website because they often have codes to discount your order! Which we love! I believe they are reasonably priced for a good quality bathing suit. I would say that compared to the other brand, this is probably one of the lower prices. Complete your summer look with Frankies Bikinis. They also sell active clothes, beauty products, and clothing. Buy your bikini from Frankies Bikinis and complete your look with one of their rompers, beach pants, loungewear, sets, and other unique options. You can buy this swimwear directly online from their website, which has a couple of pop-up stores. So if you find yourself in Montauk, New York, check out their pop-up store and try out these bathing suits. Frankies Bikini’s is the perfect addition to your swimsuits.

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Summer can be tricky with what to wear when it comes to bathing suits. But when it comes to swimwear, let’s make it simple. Buy from these brands for the best swimwear experience. Enter your next trip to the beach or day at the pool, feeling beyond confident in your swimwear. Swimwear can be uncomfortable or may not feel flattering, but I am confident that you will be able to find a suit that you love from one of these brands, LSPACE, Maaji, Triangl, and Frankies Bikinis. Look and feel the most confident self-wearing swimwear you love.