The Cutest Nail Ideas for Each Zodiac Sign

[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]f you’re a girly girl, then you probably like to constantly get your nails done and switch them up every couple of weeks. If you’re a beauty and fashion queen like me, you understand that versatility is key, so this is a necessity. If you need nail ideas, then this is just the article for you! I personally like to choose my new nail style every few weeks based on my mood or how I’m feeling for that day. I usually plan it out ahead of time, but honestly there are times where I have truly been stuck on what to select as my next nail look and find myself frantically scouring the internet for nail ideas.

Sometimes, I might switch things up and pick nail ideas based on the seasons ,which is also a common thing to do because, duh we can’t pretend that dark nails in the fall aren’t a vibe. I never have doubts about whether or not to do SNS, which is my go-to because they last way longer. With that being said, if you’re continuously going through Pinterest looking for nail inspo before you’re due for your next nail appointment, I’ve got just the solution for you and *hint* it involves your zodiac sign.

1. Aries



Aries are fire signs, so they are known to be very ambitious, assertive and well, fiery. They can be very confident and bold, so why shouldn’t their nails reflect that. If you’re an Aries, then you should choose nails that take a little bit of a risk. If you’re looking for nails that match your inner Aries, I instantly picture bright nails with fierce designs. Look for colors such as red or orange to reflect your inner fire sign!

2. Leo


Leos are known to be a little on the softer side. They are summer signs, so their personality tends to reflect that. They are good-natured, generous, and bubbly. Leos are definitely known to light up a room, so should their nails! If you’re a Leo, then choose bright and summery colors such as yellow or bright pink.
You can even add fun abstract designs!


3. Aquarius


Aquarius are water signs, which instantly makes me think of various shades of blue! Their key traits are their intellectuality and creativity. They definitely enjoy their freedom but are still unique individuals in their own way! Aquarius’s are definitely sophisticated people, which means stylish, yet still simple nails. I’m dreaming of a blue French mani. 

4. Pisces



Pisces are the signs of the sea. They are associated with water and their symbols are fish, so that automatically makes me think of watercolor or coral colored nails. Any shades of blue or green would definitely be the way to match the serene and easygoing nature of the Pisces. Watercolor nails are definitely on my to do list!

5. Sagittarius


Sagittarius people are famously known for being adventurous. They are fire signs so their nature has to come from somewhere. They are risk takers and are also known to live on the wild side. I can honestly say that Sagittarius are some of the most charismatic people that I have met. If you fit into this category, consider going the green for serene route and choosing a jade manicure to match your free-spirited side.


6. Taurus


The Taurus definitely has star quality. They are associated with bulls for a reason. They’re super hardworking and dependable. They are also known to be very levelheaded and stable people. The star manicure is perfectly suited for the determined and go-getting Taurus. Definitely something I will be trying on one of my next nail visits!

7. Gemini



This sign pretty much speaks for itself. Geminis are known to be extreme extroverts and social butterflys. Geminis are the one sign where I can instantly tell when someone is one due to their outgoing and fiery nature. So, what’s more suitable then butterfly nails for the social butterfly?

8. Scorpio


I’ve met many Scorpios and they are all very passionate people. Whether that manifests itself in their personality or things they are actually passionate about, I think it’s fair to say that they are very ambitious people. Chrome nails are perfect for showing off the inner star quality of the Scorpio!

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9. Cancer


Cancers are sweet, caring, and devoted individuals. If you’re a Cancer and want some nail ideas, think of soft colors or pastels such as light pink, yellow, or lilac! You can instantly channel your inner soft girl with this simple and cute mani.


10. Capricorn


Capricorns are driven and are known for their hardworking and overachieving nature. Most overachievers like to go above and beyond to achieve their goals, right? Well, that’s why the multicolored French mani is perfect for the Capricorn. Who says you can’t go above and beyond all at once and choose different nail colors simultaneously?

11. Libra



Libras are air signs and are very tasteful and romantic. They have a spontaneous nature and are walking and talking philosophers that give great advice and exhude grace. A nice, ombre nail is perfect to match the amazing qualities that the Libra possesses. Definitely one of my favorite nail ideas that I’ve tried! You can do a classic white ombre or even switch it up and try a soft color like purple!

12. Virgo


I had to save the best for last. I honestly think that Virgos are superhumans and are filled with some of the best traits. Have I made it obvious that I am one, yet? All bias aside, we’re known to be very private and laidback, but still are perfectionists with a sharp wit. Sharp and abstract black and white nails are perfectly suitable for the sharp witted and sophisticated Virgo.


Okay, with all of that inspiration I just gave, I have one last suggestion. You should always pick your nails based on how you are feeling and don’t be afraid to put some thought into thinking how you want to get them ahead of time. Remember, you are spending money and time on these nails that will be set in place for at least a few weeks, so you want to make it count. There’s nothing worse than picking something last minute and then immediately regretting what you chose the next day. All seriousness aside, nails ARE meant to be fun. They are an easy way to showcase your personality and show off your style. With choosing some based on your zodiac sign, you can be sure that your nails will truly be curated off of the inner you.

What’s Your Zodiac Sign? Leave a Comment Below and Let Us Know Which Nail Ideas Were Your Fave!