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Get At Home Salon Nails For Half The Price

Get At Home Salon Nails For Half The Price

The feeling of going to the salon and treating yourself is so relaxing and satisfying, but the bill will certainly not add to this great enjoyment. Therefore, these at-home salon nails mentioned in this article will give you the manicure look you desire for cheap! With a little time and some tools, you will be able to get stunning nails for half the price, at any time, right in your home!

Acrylic Nails

We know acrylic nails can get expensive in a salon so, you must be ready to spend when you go in. If you are not willing to pay $40-$80 or more every two weeks, then here is how you can do it yourself.

I suggest you go on Amazon and search for a good quality acrylic nail kit. You can also find a package at Sally’s, or your local drug store for as low as $14. A buffer, file, clippers, and cuticle cutters are needed for this process as well if the kit does not supply these items. After receiving the set, follow the directions to get your desired look. Then use the polish color and design of your choice to finish your gorgeous nails off. Glitter polish is an effortless way to throw a pop of glamour onto any nail polish color you have picked.

Acrylic nails, if done correctly, can last up to 2 weeks without breaking. Now, I want to mention that at-home acrylic nails are not for everyone. You must have a steady hand and be able to use patience to achieve a good and neat result. You must be precise when doing these on your own. So, keep that in mind when considering this option.

Get At Home Salon Nails For Half The Price

Gel Polish

Gel polish is a favorite for many people because of the no-chip factor it has. Yet, these can easily cost more in a nail salon than acrylics. Regular gel polish is an option to simply buy and apply without any other tool. But personally, I have found that by doing this, my nails have not turned out as good as they would in a salon. It is pretty tough to get gel polish to paint on clump-less and dry correctly without using all of the tools needed.

To get the perfect outcome, I suggest you go to a beauty shop or Amazon and purchase gel polish used in professional salons and an LED light for as cheap as $21. If you get gel polish done on a regular by your local nail technician, then this will save you hundreds of dollars a year!

Get At Home Salon Nails For Half The Price

Regular Polish

This is the most common and most straightforward option. We know that by just painting our nails, we will most likely see chipping in the next few days, and they will not look as fresh as they would coming from the salon. So, here is how you can get that perfect look from your home.

Go to your local Walmart or Target and pick up filers, nail polish remover, cotton balls, buffers, cuticle cutters, polish (clear and color), and clippers. To start your at-home salon nail process, remove all of the old polish from nails, and get a bowl of warm water with soap. Soak your nails for about 10 minutes. When done, cut your cuticles and shape your nails. After that, buff out your nails with the buffer, lotion hands, and go back over your nail beds with remover applied with a cotton ball. Now, paint your nails with your picked polish color and add a topcoat. Let dry for 30 minutes or more. Now, you have clean at-home salon nails!

Get At Home Salon Nails For Half The Price

Press-On Nails

Press on nails is my personal favorite option just merely because they are quick and easy to put on and take off when needed. Amazon has packs of hundreds of press-on nails pre-shaped and cut starting at $5! These can come already painted and designed or just clear. Beauty stores also have many low price options.

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If you go the route where you want to buy nails that are already painted and designed, then all you will need to get is gel superglue from your local Walmart or drug store to complete your at-home salon nails. If you choose to buy clear ones, then gel superglue, a polish color of your choice, gems (optional), and nail art polish (optional) will give you the beautiful nails you hoped to see. The nail art polish and jewels are for those who want to add a neat and sparkly design they would ask for at a salon. Add anything you want to your secured press-on set!

Understand that because these are not acrylics, they can be removed much more quickly. If nails are applied correctly, and they are handled with care, then these press-on nails will last up to 1.5 – 2 weeks.

Get At Home Salon Nails For Half The Price


Designs will just be an add on to the at-home salon nails listed above. When it comes to designs as in letter designs, patterns, jewels and etc. a lot of people cannot seem to master the expected outcome. It takes a lot of practice, time, and patience to become like a professional, but it is not impossible.

If you continue to practice your painting skills, you will soon see the improvements. However, for those who do not want to put in much effort, then here is a hack for you. If you do not have a steady hand, can not draw or paint, then no worries! You can add some cute bling to your nails by using easy press-on design stickers, glitter polish, or jewels that can be bought almost anywhere. Find these materials at a local craft store, Walmart, Target, Amazon, or your local drug store. There are so many options out there that you can try that will allow you to add to your nails in a fun and easy way!

Get At Home Salon Nails For Half The Price

Getting a pedicure can get expensive, but with these at-home salon nail options, you can save a lot of money! If you take your time and tap into your creative side, you will enjoy trying these nail suggestions on your own. Comment below which nail process you tried out and ended up loving!

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