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The 2018 Women’s March: Power To The Polls

The 2018 Women’s March: Power To The Polls

The 2018 Women's March is all about #PowerToThePolls. Here is everything you need to know about the 2018 Women's March organization and where the nearest Women's March is by you!

One year ago nearly 5 million people in 600 cities protested cultural issues ranging from socioeconomics, gender, race and the newly inaugurated Trump administration. The 2017 Women’s March propelled a social activist movement we’re still seeing in 2018. A light was shed a light on politics and the dissatisfaction millions feel nationwide. The Women’s March has become an official grassroots activism initiative, giving minorities and those who feel voiceless against government administrations a platform to come together and voice their concerns. The Women’s March organization seeks to turn what was a singular day of protest, into a sustained movement of a vastly diverse coalition. For those who believe feminism is about the average white woman; you’re wrong. The Women’s March organization seeks to promote “unity is not uniformity.” This women’s organization wants to change the world and it’s well on its way. Here is everything you need to know about the 2018 Women’s March.

Your 411 on the 2018 Women’s March

The Goal Of The 2018 Women’s March

Protecting our planet, ensuring equality for all and enforcing Black Lives Matter are all social issues the Women’s March organization address. However, this year “Power To The Polls” has become the central theme of the 2018 Women’s march. This year the march is about gathering momentum in the movement and ensuring marginalized populations are getting their heard for this midterm election. While the primary Women’s March is taking place January 21 in Las Vegas, there will be local Women’s March Anniversary events this Saturday, January 20. You can figure out where the nearest Women’s March is at the Women’s March Anniversary Event Map.

The 2018 Women’s March

The idea of the Women’s March back in 2017 was to harness “the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.” This year it’s about defending basic human rights and allowing those unhappy with the Trump administration to speak up. The Facebook page for the New York City Women’s March explains, “over the past year basic rights for women, immigrants, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, the religious and nonreligious, people of color and even Mother Earth have struggled to survive under the weight of the current administration. America’s First Amendment has been challenged and healthcare for millions has been threatened. We must stand together to demand and defend our rights.”

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While it’s a women-led movement, it’s open to anyone brave enough to challenge the work of the Trump administration. Get ready to embrace #PowerToThePolls because it’s coming full force for those midterm elections. Get your voice heard and get your butt to the nearest 2018 Women’s March organization.

Are you attending a 2018 Women’s March?! #PowerToThePolls

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