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15 Things All Millennials Need To Know About Politics

15 Things All Millennials Need To Know About Politics

Politics have taken a drastic shift in the past year since recent president elect. Here are the things all millennials need to know about politics.

The recent president elect has by no means been welcomed into the White House with open arms. With turmoil rising in the United States, and quite frankly around the world, the importance for understanding politics is abundantly clear. Here are 15 things all millennials need to know about politics!

1. Ignore the words.

Recently, President Trump has come under fire—increasingly from within Republican ranks. As his popularity continually declines, Republicans are speaking out against him more often. However, many of these same Republicans still voted for his defunct cabinet, controversial laws, such as the failed healthcare repeal, as well as numerous other measures passed in the House that await debate in the Senate.

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2. Democrats need a pick-me-up.

Democrats are coasting only on the anti-Trump track, hoping to garner enough opposing factions into a winning coalition to retake Congress and soon the presidency. However, they are relying too much on Mueller and anti-Trump hate. Democrats have not innovated themselves much, and have instead pushed for relatively similar policies.

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3. How to fix healthcare.

The trick is to change the payment systems in such a way that they alter the incentives for healthcare treatment and services. Currently, the fee-for-service system incentives quantity, not quality. The accountable care organization would shift the financial gains to providers if they kept patients healthy, and hang potential losses in the air if they were still sick.


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4. North Korea will not change.

Despite the crazy appearances the Hermit Kingdom may put on, its leader, Kim Jong-Un, deals with nuclear security in a rational manner. His unrelenting desire to hold power is rooted on the threat of constant nuclear war and is preventing an armed rebellion against him.

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5. Refugees are not dangerous.

A number of studies and research papers have confirmed the established consensus: that admitting Syrian refugees is not harmful. Americans are more likely to die from lightning than a terrorist hiding among refugees. Additionally, there are a wide range of economic benefits that come along with admitting them.

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6. Britain is sinking.

A recent determination by the Economist found that even under a 100% voter turnout rate, Brexit still would’ve happened. In any event, Britons are experiencing dismay as they become increasingly disillusioned about what life will be like outside the EU. A growing number are also concerned about facing a fiscal cliff which would automatically sever trade ties not negotiated.


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7. Venezuela is in turmoil.

Water, food, and medical shortages run rampant across the once-prosperous state. The socialist leader, Maduro, maintains control through strict supervision and supply of the army—keeping them happy and fed. Without international intervention, it is unclear what will become of the people there.

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8. Revisit gerrymandering.

Partisan gerrymandering—when legislators redraw state district lines for political gains—is notoriously difficult to prove. However, a Wisconsin case was just admitted to the Supreme Court. The federal court ordered the map redrawn after determining it to be an unfair map with the “efficiency gap.” All eyes go to Kennedy now.

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9. Voter ID laws are bunk.

These laws are popping up all over the country. Despite a myriad of studies, reports, and papers that show little to no evidence of voter fraud, proponents defend these laws in the cases of local elections. Only close elections might be influenced. Since close elections are rare, and voter fraud is rare, close elections whose outcomes changed because of voter fraud is rarer than rare.


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10. The statues should go to a museum.

Keeping a statue for historical significance is acceptable. Celebrating or honoring a statue specifically because the person in question fought for systems of racism, segregation, or slavery is not. Putting them in a museum would allow persons to keep the history and get rid of the glory.

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11. 2376 will be the year of the aliens.

The 1976 WOW signal obtained from deep space is believed to emanate from 200 light years away. So while it will take 200 years for our message to reach them, and another 200 to reach us again, there is no telling if either civilizations will still be around then. If both are we will have established first contact by then.

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12. Marijuana is not gaining ground.

Despite nearly universal acceptance of a certain legality for the drug, whether medicinal or recreational, the federal government still holds the drug to be an illegal substance. Neither Trump nor Sessions seem posed to change that anytime soon. Conservatives draw too much support and will not vote to legalize it either.

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13. It’s not all bad.

Despite what you might see on TV every night, the world has actually never been better. Countries across the globe have been experiencing decades-long declines in crime, poverty, and illness, as well as an increase in education, wealth, and democratic processes.


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14. More to do on the ground.

The federal government under Trump will be shirking a number of responsibilities to tackle the deficit (though under his proposed budget it would only increase substantially). Nevertheless, Millennials will likely see a surge in donations and volunteering at local charity organizations.

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15. Don’t wait.

Don’t wait for Trump to resign or be impeached. Protests around the country have reached historic levels—join them. Be proactive.

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What are your thoughts on what millennials need to know about politics?! Let us know below!
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