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20 Signs You’re A Terrible Driver

20 Signs You’re A Terrible Driver

Most of us drive cars everyday. If you can relate to a couple of these indicators, that’s how you know you’re one terrible driver!

Most of us drive cars nearly everyday. However, that does not always tell how skilled we are. If you can relate to a couple of these indicators, that’s how you know you’re one terrible driver!

1. You’ve failed your road test more than 3 times.

We can understand the first and second time, but at least make the third time the charm.


2. You don’t stop at stop signs.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just slow down at stop signs.

3. You get nervous when the light turns yellow.

You often experience that uncertain sensation: stop, go, stop, go, STOP!

4. You’d prefer to close your eyes while in reverse.

Please put the backup camera to use, or get one.


5. You take the long way just to avoid highways and main roads.

Sometimes keeping it simple makes it easier.

6. You scare your passengers often.

Buckle up, kids.


7. You’re scared to drive after dark.

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Not really. Put on the headlights, it’s fine.


8. You can’t talk or listen to music.

Fo-fo-focus Ariana Grande style.

9. You cannot drive in inclement weather.

Or at least shouldn’t.  


10. You’re constantly getting beeped at by other drivers.

Signal your turns, please!

11. You grip the wheel until your knuckles are white.

It literally looks like Edward Cullen is driving.


12. You don’t use the brakes.

If you’re a bad driver and you decide to go fast, you do not look cool. Even if you’re somehow confident in yourself, we aren’t!

13. You don’t use the gas pedal.

Speeding is one thing, but come on Grandma!


14. You look one way, and assume no one else is coming the other way.

This is a big one. We were taught as kids to look both ways when we cross the street, it’s literally the SAME concept.

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15. You make maneuvers you normally wouldn’t when someone else is in the car.

Quit the nonchalant, blasé attitude. We know your tricks.

16. Your friends critique your driving skills

Sometimes it’s playful and low key, but sometimes it’s high key so take the hint.


17. Your license has been revoked until you are 21.

You couldn’t just adhere to the rules for a couple years.

18. The red light camera has sniped you more than once.

Fooled once, it’s an honest mistake. Fooled twice, you’re only human. If you’re fooled three times, it’s getting embarrassing.    


19. Your brand new car has numerous dents.

Yikes, it’s been a week!

20. Someone has run up to your car and thrown coffee on the hood.

True story. Pedestrians are often expressively angry.


What are some other signs you’re a terrible driver? Let us know down below!
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