10 Quick And Easy No Bake Desserts

No bake desserts are a great way to try out new recipes without having to turn on the oven. Whether you have an upcoming birthday, holiday, or you’re just craving a some sugar, these 10 quick and easy no bake desserts are the perfect choice.

1. Pumpkin Cheesecake Lasagna

Somehow the picture for this pumpkin cheesecake lasagna does not even do it justice. Layers of cheesecake and pumpkin make up this crazy delicious no bake dessert, just make sure you have about 4 hours to refrigerate it!

Find this pumpkin cheesecake lasagna recipe here!

2. Chocolate Oatmeal Bars

These no bake bars only take 15 minutes to prep! Although the 2 hours of anticipation that it will take for them to harden may kill you.

Get the recipe for these chocolate oatmeal bars here!

3. Peanut Butter Icebox Cake

This one is for all of the peanut butter lovers! This easy icebox cake only has 5 steps, so you definitely won’t be in over your head on this one.

Learn how to make this cake here!

4. Black Forest Cheesecake Pie

This is a great recipe to pop in the fridge before bed! Layer your two fillings in a ready-made pie crust, and you will have a delicious Black Forest Cheesecake pie by morning!

Try out this recipe here!

5. Banana Pudding Dream Dessert

This is one of the best no bake desserts if you are short on time! Most of the ingredients are sitting right in the same aisle of the grocery store, so you will be in and out in just a few minutes.

Get this banana pudding dessert recipe here!

6. Canoli Cream Pie

I don’t know about you, but a canoli in pie form sounds like a dream to me. Sprinkle this no bake dessert with chocolate chips – or any of your favorite toppings! – and you’re good to go.

Learn how to make this canoli pie here!

7. White Chocolate Blueberry Lasagna

Another lasagna! (You may never want to go back to the real kind ever again.) Plus, how beautiful are the colors of this dessert? It’s almost too pretty to eat!

Find out how to make this blueberry lasagna here!

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8. Coconut Cream Pie

This is one of the most classic no bake desserts! With ingredients like a ready-made pie crust and coconut pudding, you will be able to whip this up in no time. (And it will look like you spent hours on it.)

Check out this coconut cream pie recipe here!

9. Eclair Cake

Another no bake dessert that only requires 5 ingredients! And the prep time is only 10 minutes, so you can whip this up in the morning and have the perfect dessert by nighttime.

Find this eclair cake recipe here!

10. Oreo Balls

These Oreo balls are seriously one of the most addiction no bake desserts. From the decadent Oreo filling to the white chocolate shell, you will have a tough time eating just one.

Learn how to make these Oreo balls here!

What are some of your favorite no bake desserts? Tell us in the comments below!
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