Pros and Cons of Rushing a Sorority at OU

Greek life is a pretty big part of Ohio University. Rushing starts in the fall, so keep reading to find out what to expect by rushing a sorority at OU!

Greek life is a pretty big part of Ohio University. Rushing starts in the fall, so keep reading to find out what to expect by rushing a sorority at OU!

Let me start by saying…

I personally am not a part of Greek life, but many of my friends are. I see what sisterhood means for the students in Greek life and what being a part of Greek life does for the community around them. Between philanthropies, community service projects, etc., I was given an insight as to how much sororities do for people all over campus through sisterhood. Keep reading for the inside scoop on the pros and cons of rushing a sorority at OU! 



Pros of Rushing a Sorority at OU

You always have a friend on campus (as well as in life)…

And not only friendships, but also connections that will help you in life after college. Ari Spalding, a member of Pi Phi at Ohio University says one of her favorite parts of Greek life is making new friends. Making new friends is easy when you have Bigs and Littles.

“The idea behind big/little is to have a role model and a girl who can help you feel more comfortable in the sorority as well as someone you can go to for support, questions, and just an awesome friendship.” – Ari Spalding 

Through big/ little as well as all the other sisters you’ll gain, finding friendship and support isn’t hard at all.

You will always have something to do.

Whether it be a social on Saturday night, a philanthropy event, or a movie night with your sisters, your social life explodes when you join a sorority. Montanna Brockman-Lozier, a member of the new sorority to campus, Gamma Phi Beta loves to go out with her sisters.


“Most Gammas go [ to socials] just to hang out and get free food. They’re a good way to relax during a stressful week and get dressed up just for fun.” -Montanna Brockman-Lozier

Your voice WILL be heard.

Abby Leppert, a member of Alpha Delta Pi, is the New Member Coordinator for her sorority. She mentors all of the new members in ADPi before their initiation and she serves as a resource for any questions or problems anyone has. If you don’t like something that’s going on or have any ideas for what could help make your experience better, just ask! You have people who will listen to you.


You WILL make a difference.

Each sorority has a philanthropy. Each sorority makes charitable donations to good causes. Pi Phi’s philanthropy is ‘Read, Lead, Achieve,’ “which looks to fight children’s illiteracy,” Spalding says. Women from Pi Phi will go read to children in local schools to help the community they are involved in. Other causes OU Greek life chapters are involved in include The Starkey Hearing Foundation, Service for Sight, and Building Strong Girls.


Cons of Rushing a Sorority at OU

Things to Consider: There isn’t really a ‘con’ when it comes to Greek life. Just things you have to consider. Greek life is for some people and for others it isn’t, but you’ll never know unless you give it a try.

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Sorority Life is a Time Commitment

Remember that you are in college to study, and upholding your academics all while going to weekly chapter meetings is a challenge. Not to mention recruitment week, semi-formals, formals, service events, Greek week, and mixers. Many women do it every day, but it is something to keep in mind. Luckily, you will have sisters and constant support if you ever feel overwhelmed.


Sorority Life is a Financial Commitment

When you have members of your sorority living in the house and planning events there will be some costs involved, inevitably. Not to mention your regular panhellenic dues. As a student in college, money is tight, but knowing that your money is going to such a great community is at least a little help. If you ask for help from your sorority they will be more than happy to help out with finances.


Whether you join a social sorority, a service fraternity, or an academic fraternity there is a Greek Community right for you!

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