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10 Things My Sorority Sisters Taught Me

10 Things My Sorority Sisters Taught Me

Being a member of the Greek community has given me so much, and I have my sorority sisters to thank for that. Here's a few of the things they've taught me!

Being a founding member of Omega Phi Alpha has not only given me a sense of accomplishment and pride, but it has also shown me how a diverse group of young women who want to make the world a better place, through community service, can turn into lifelong friendships. So here are some amazing things that I have learned from my sorority sisters.

1. Know Your Worth

When I was going through a lowpoint in my life and surrounding myself with people who weren’t the best for me, my sisters showed me that life is too short to be treated poorly and to be kicked around by people who don’t want the best for me. My sisters not only showed me the truth about my toxic relationships, but supported me while I got out of them.


2.  Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

From asking to stay on my sister’s couch in her apartment for a night while I was “homeless”; to stopping for aloe for my sunburn; to picking up my prescriptions; or even simple things like splitting shipping costs; it never hurts to ask for a favor, especially with sweet girls like my sisters.

3. You Can Never Have Enough Comfort Colors

Now this one is a given for any sorority girl, but I had never heard of comfort colors before Omega Phi Alpha, and now that’s one of the most important questions for any of our shirt orders. (But expect to spend more for that buttery soft feeling.)


4. Sometimes You Have To Pick And Choose What Is Worth Fighting Over

AKA not agreeing where to eat for dinner is not a good excuse for us to eat at three separate restaurants.


5. Yes, We Are A Dry Sorority. No, We Are Not Missing Out.

We may not be a stereotypical sorority, but we still know how to have fun without the alcohol or drugs.

6. Just Because Some Of Our National Sisters Go To Different Colleges Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Have A Great Bond.

(I’m looking at my big from Texas State.) Whether it’s sending each other care packages or messaging back and forth on social media, I have a WHOLE nation of sisters to count on that I share the same love for as sisters that go to Tech.


7. Community Service Projects Are Better With 40 Of Your Closest Friends

Endless laughs and giving back to the Blacksburg community while having fun? What more could you ask for?!

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8. Never Be Ashamed Of Your Flaws

As someone who struggles with mental illness, my sorority sisters remind me every day that they’re there for me on my bad days and my good days. When you join a sorority with sisters like mine, there is someone always willing to listen with no judgements about what you have going on. They always know how to remind me that everything is going to be alright.


9. There Is Strength In Diversity

I am so glad that everyone in my sorority adds a little bit of uniqueness to the group. From various political views to different ethnic backgrounds, we all come together for our love of community service and sisterhood. It’s great to bounce ideas off of sisters who may have completely different viewpoints whether it’s about sorority bylaws or service project ideas.

10. Time Management

All of my sisters have a lot going on outside of the sorority, but each of them seem to handle their schedules well and make it to every event and meeting even with the 6086303846 things they have going on. Honestly, I don’t know how some of them can balance their classes, jobs, extracurricular activities including the sorority and still have free time for themselves. #girlpower


Overall, I’m glad to be a sister in service! What have your sorority sisters taught you? Let me know in the comment section below!
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