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Opportunities for Meaningful Intimacy Moments

You should always look for new opportunities for meaningful intimacy moments. They can really bond a couple in unique, often unexpected ways and strengthen your relationship further. Moments of meaningful intimacy can come in many forms of verbal and non-verbal language and actions but end up worth it to grow your relationship and learn more about each other in the doing. Spend some meaningful quality time together with these different suggestions of opportunities for meaningful intimacy moments.

Showering Together

Taking showers with your significant other can put you outright in a very intimate space together. This provides for you both to be exposed and vulnerable in one of the most literal senses. The smaller space together also provides for very close contact. More than just what can turn into sexual intimacy, this shower time together allows you to both care for one another. Wash each other’s hair, scrub and wash each other’s skin. Opportunities to nurture one another can endear and bring you closer to each other emotionally and mentally. 

Shower time speaks also to the love languages of physical touch, acts of service, and quality time that can be shown and received in these times. Moments where both are vulnerable can encourage more meaningful moments of sharing and conversation at the time or afterward. Releasing physical distance can also allow for release of emotional distance. This exercise is about what the physical acts can do for the mental and emotional by connection. 

Waking Up

The times right after you wake up are always going to be some of your most relaxed. Your blood pressure and heart rate are down and during this heightened relaxation state, when you’re first becoming aware of your surroundings again, there is great opportunity for a meaningful intimacy moment. Show value and interest in your partner by turning toward them. Remember all the things that can be said non-verbally and attune your body language toward positivity toward yourself and your partner. 

Welcome and encourage their interest. Greet them and start a conversation. Ask them about any dreams they might have had and share anything you dreamed. Ask what their goals are for the day and share yours. Many pleasant, unguarded conversations and bonding can occur when you routinely spend your first waking moments together in focused relation.

Taking Walks

Something about being in nature away from electronics and other distractions allows for so much great opportunity for meaningful intimacy. Nature is endlessly beneficial to your health and mental state making it one of the best things you can do regularly just for yourself. However, when in nature with your partner, you can also take great advantage of the relaxation made possible by nature to ask them meaningful questions. 

What are some of their life goals you may not know about? What are places you would like to visit together? Ask them to share a family memory they have. Guided conversation topics can also make things easier.  Pick a noun prompt you can think of or that’s in your surroundings such as, “tell me a story (of yours) with a tree in it.” There are obviously endless prompts you could give here including a food, animal, place, holiday, family member, or activity. You can trade prompts back and forth, changing them if you like, and just allow conversation to flow from them.

Eating Together

Meal time together, facing each other, is a tried but true opportunity for meaningful intimacy. Ask each other about the day you have had if it’s dinner, activities you’re working on or planning to do if it’s breakfast or lunch. Some of the same conversation you might have waking up together can be had over breakfast. Think of an interest of yours or theirs and bring up guided conversation from it. 

What was an activity or interest of the previous evening you could share or discuss? When you’re sharing in the preparation of the food you can also have meaningful intimacy moments. Working together closely toward an end goal can increase your physical and mental intimacy toward each other and make you a stronger couple in the doing. Working on a task together can strengthen your communication and team working, and can also give you valuable insight into the other’s strengths and personalities by how they approach the project. 

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Dancing Together

Music and activity can provide for intimacy, allowing you to each learn the other’s music tastes by what is chosen, as well as the close proximity and intimacy of the act itself. Share in the music selection to learn more about each other’s tastes. Prompt your partner to choose songs you may not have heard or didn’t know they liked. You can also bring up meaningful conversation in these times by discussing further the music stylings, song lyrics, and musicians selected. This prompt is also highly successful when you are prompted back by them similarly. 

Make some of the songs romantic and you have the whole package. Romantic feelings will blossom on their own in the intimate environment. A little mood lighting never hurt either! Afterwards, you can have an evening meal, share another activity, or just sit in each other’s company in quiet intimacy or further conversation. You will find that once intimacy and vulnerability have been achieved, more natural and in-depth conversation and connection can often follow. 

Exercising Together

Physical activity when done together can create moments of meaningful intimacy. Getting healthy together can definitely bring you closer as a couple. Try different exercise activities together to learn new hobbies and interests of yourselves and each other, as well as new things to do as a couple. Having hobbies together is a key way to strengthen and keep a romantic bond strong. 

Walk or run together in a gym setting or outside. Try yoga or pilates. Swimming can be an enjoyable, out-of-environment activity that doesn’t even feel like exercise. Try an exercise video for added comedy and shared entertainment. Do an 80s exercise routine with outfits! Helping each other exercise such as during crunches or overall motivation can also be meaningful bonding as you show your care in their success and health.

When looking for opportunities for meaningful intimacy, try these different ideas. You can learn about yourself and your partner with new activities and endless new conversation. Let us know in the comments what you thought of these opportunities for intimacy!

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