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5 Online Brands With Trendy Plus Size Clothes

5 Online Brands With Trendy Plus Size Clothes

Finding trendy plus size clothes for women sometimes isn't easy. These online brands have the best trendy plus size clothing. It's affordable, cute and there is a size that'll fit everyone!

Plus-size fashion, has come a mighty long way! The days of going into a store and not being able to find that super cute shirt in a 2x, are gone. Clothing brands are now making a conscious effort in being more inclusive of women in all various different sizes and shapes. As a plus-size woman myself, I know first-hand how hard it would be in the past, to find super chic and trendy clothes in my size. There are 5 online brands in particular that have been my go-to’s for a while, and they always meet my trendy plus-size fashion needs. Below are the 5 best online brands with trendy plus size clothes!


1. Fashion Nova Curve

Fashion Nova Curve, is the “little sister” to “big sister”, Fashion Nova. I love how Fashion Nova Curve has an endless amount of super chic and stylish pieces for incredibly affordable prices. They also are always adding hundreds of new pieces every day.



2. RebDolls

RebDolls is another great plus-size brand that has really chic and stylish clothing. Their dresses and two-piece outfits, are always so flattering to one’s shape and come in a variety of bold prints and styles to fit your fashion sense. They are also fairly inexpensive.



3. Torrid

Torrid is most plus-size women’s go-to because their sizing goes all the way up to a size 30. They adore plus-size women and make clothes that will have one looking right in all the right places. They can be a tad expensive though but do always have sales and coupons.



4. Fashion To Figure

Fashion To Figure’s clothing, has more “street style” meets “classy” vibes. They make some really great chic jackets that look bomb with a pair of jeans. They also make some super creative graphic tees that I own and love. Their pricing is slightly expensive but nothing too crazy.


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5. Forever 21+

Forever 21+, offers inexpensive fashionable clothing for a plus-size fashionista. A lot of their pieces get sold out quickly too because they are so stylish and must-haves. I personally have been waiting for a particular color-blocked t-shirt to get back in stock.


Now, go spend some money girl and slay!


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Where do you get your trendy plus size clothes from? Let us know in the comment section down below!