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12 Online Boutiques You Need To Know About Now

12 Online Boutiques You Need To Know About Now

With all of us stuck inside, now is the perfect time to catch up on some online shopping. Here are 12 online boutiques that you need to know about. 

Lime Lush

Lime Lush is online womens clothing boutique, with the cutest clothes! Lime Lush has just about everything that you are looking for when you are online shopping. You can get jewlery, hats, shoes, and new seasonal looks! I really like that there are so much different looks to choose from and that the prices are not killer!



Lulus is just about my favorite online boutique to shop on, they have countless different styles that apply to just about any look that you are on the search for. Lulus is my go to when I am in need of a new outfit or simply just browse at all the clothes I don’t need, but really want. A lot of the time Lulus will have really good sales and you can get some cute clothes for pretty cheap, the only drawback is that all sales are final, so be careful to look at reviews on the sizes. Also, a big perk of Lulus is that if you really want to buy something, but it seems just way too much for you to spend you can then pay in statements monthly, with the app Klarna. This makes it easy to buy the clothes you love, without breaking your bank. Lulus is definitely a must online boutique to check out!


Venus is an online womens clothing boutique, with some of the cutest swimsuits you can find! Personally, I have never bought close from here but I have gotten a few swimsuits, and I love them! Venus has so many different styles of clothings to choose from, giving shoppers plenty of options. They have clothes for just about any occasion or perhaps for no occasion at all. i recommend checking out Venus if you are looking for something new.



Shein is a great online boutique if you are looking for cute clothes, that are pretty cheap. I really like to shop through Zaful when I am in the mood for getting myself new clothes, but not willing to drop a ton of cash. I will say that some of their clothing can be a little pricey, but in the long run it is definitely worth it! The only real drawback is that it can take a while to get to you because it usually is shipping from China. Another thing to pay attention to when ordering clothes, is that the sizes may not always be true to size. It is important to make sure to check out the reviews from other customers to make sure that you are getting the best size for you. Other than that I really like Shein and a lot of my friends will swear by this site.


The online boutique Zaful is a lot like Shein, it has a great selection of clothes, that wont leave you poor. Their prices are completely doable and definitely worth the buy. Overall, I really like using Zaful to buy my swimsuits, because they are immensely cheaper than other sites. Especially because you don’t have to buy the top and bottoms separately, they come together. With this said, it is important to check the reviews because you might end up with the top fitting and the bottom being too big. Overall, I really like Zaful, it makes it easy for me to buy the swimsuits I love, whereas anywhere else has ridiculous prices.


The Mint Julep

The Mint Julep is an online womens clothing boutique that is your one stop shop for all your vacation wear needs. The Mint Julep has hundreds of different looks to choose from and currently has the cutest looks for you to wear this summer! If you are looking for a an online boutique that has a beautiful touch of southern style then The Mint Julep is perfect for you!

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Hazel and Olive

Hazel and Olive is an online womens clothing boutique with adorable clothes and killer prices. The first thing I noticed on their site is their cute swimsuits and then their amazing prices on those swimsuits. Hazel and Olive has cute looks to choose from, I really like their lounge wear, with decent prices. If you are looking for a good boutique and are in need of new swimsuits, then check out Hazel and Olive!

Pink Lily

Pink Lily is a well known southern online boutique for womens clothing. I really like their clothes, I have shopped with them before, there clothing is high quality and it honestly should be considering the pricing. I really like this boutique and their clothes are so cute, so if you aren’t afraid to drop a good amount of money then I recommend checking out Pink Lily.


Bella Ella

Bella Ella is an online boutique for womens clothing, that is worth checking out. This boutique has such cute clothes, for such great prices! I really like they have clothing options for girls that are curvy, as a person that struggles to find the perfect pair of jeans, this is something that I love to see! I definitely recommend checking out their activewear, so many great options!

Filly Flair

Filly Flair is an online boutique for womens clothing, that would best be described as hippy chic. You can find just about anything on this site, ranging from shoes to dresses. I recommend checking this site out if you are looking to try out a new style and not break your break while you are at it!

Saved by the Dress

Saved by the Dress is an online boutique for womens clothing, but it is all things dresses. This boutique has a dress for just about anything, whether its for prom or just a simple summer dress, this sites got you covered. There is so many cute styles to choose from, this is a great boutique to get your summer look!



Impressions is an online boutique for womens clothing, and I am in love with their loungewear. If you are stuck inside, then it is no problem because with their cute loungewear you can spice up your quarantine look! Impression has very cute and chic looks for you to try out!

Which of these online boutiques do you plan on checking out? Let us know in the comments below!