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10 Netflix Shows To Get You Into The Halloween Mood This Fall

10 Netflix Shows To Get You Into The Halloween Mood This Fall

10 Netflix Shows To Get You Into The Halloween Mood This Fall

With fall on its way, that also means Halloween isn’t far away. With that, you might be thinking about what you can do to get into the Halloween mood (or should I say Halloween spirit?). Well, we have put together a list of ten great Netflix shows that one way or another will get you into the Halloween mood this fall.

Whether you prefer to watch things that scare you, things that are a little on the creepy and disturbing side, or whether you like a good mystery, we have something for everyone no matter what your age or preferences.

1. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

What says Halloween like witches, wizards, ghosts and magical cats? Sabrina is the ideal Netflix show for the lead up to Halloween, with the perfect mixture of creepiness, mystery and a little bit of scary.

2. Pretty Little Liars

If you haven’t seen or heard of PLL, you must’ve been living under a rock for the last few years. However, there’s no better time than the lead up to Halloween to start watching PLL (or re-watch!). With some fantastic Halloween episodes, plenty of murder and mystery, and a good few jump scares, PLL is a great watch for Halloween.

10 Netflix Shows To Get You Into The Halloween Mood This Fall

3. Riverdale

If you like a little bit of creepy mystery but nothing that will actually keep you up at night, Riverdale will be perfect. The second season especially is super strange and mysterious.

4. The Vampire Diaries

The name says it all really, anything vampire just screams Halloween. With the perfect mix of drama and creepy vampire madness, The Vampire Diaries makes for a great watch with your girlfriends in the lead up to Halloween.

5. Stranger Things

This is one of the most popular Netflix shows in history for a reason – Stranger Things is full of gripping story lines, horrifying scenes and a cheeky bit of romance too. With plenty of creepy sci-fi stuff, mysteries and lots of screaming, it’s a great Halloween watch.

6. American Horror Story

American Horror Story is definitely not one for younger people, and definitely not one of the faint hearted. However, if you’re feeling like you’ve got the nerve to watch the wild show, why not get the girls together this Halloween and give it a watch? Maybe make it a sleepover though as you might be scared to be alone after this one!

10 Netflix Shows To Get You Into The Halloween Mood This Fall

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7. Orphan Black

Orphan Black is another great one if you don’t want to be scared to death but would like some creepy, disturbing sci-fi stuff and lots of murder. It’s also a fantastic show because of the main actress Tatiana Maslany, who plays multiple characters within this one show – and she does it amazingly!

8. Lucifer

What could be more ideal for Halloween than a show titled Lucifer? The title speaks for itself really! Following the story of the fallen angel himself, this show is full of murder and mystery. There’s also plenty of eye-candy in this one, great for a girl’s Halloween night in!

9. The OA

The OA certainly isn’t short on sci-fi madness, creepiness and jump scares. The second season is definitely the most weird and wonderful, but the first season is also fantastic nonetheless. With plenty of food for thought, this show will leave you questioning everything.

10. Black Mirror

We’ve probably all heard of Black Mirror, and although it isn’t full of ghosts and vampires, it certainly is disturbing. Some of the ideas and potential futures that Black Mirror explores will one hundred per cent keep you awake at night, so if you’re looking for more of a mind-bending TV show rather than a scary one, give Black Mirror a shot!

10 Netflix Shows To Get You Into The Halloween Mood This Fall

So, whether you like to be scared or you just prefer a bit of mystery to get you into the Halloween mood, hopefully, one of these will do the job for you! Let us know in the comments below what you like to do to get into the spirit in the lead up to Halloween.

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