50 Life Saving Tips For Freshman At Florida State University

Starting college can be quite intimidating, but not as much when you know what to expect. Here are tips for freshman at Florida State University to help!

Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

1. Ditch the lanyard.

2. Bring rain boots.

3. Make a list of things you want to purchase for your dorm, so you are not overwhelmed when you get to the store.

4. Before you arrive at college, figure out your values—what you want to do and don’t want to do.

5. Print a ton of photos of your friends and family to hang in your dorm!

6. Learn how to budget.

7. Don’t be set on the major you come in with.

8. Invest in good furniture and bedroom/bathroom things so you don’t have to buy new stuff every year.

9. Join FSU Facebook pages and try to meet some people before you arrive at FSU.

10. Invest in a good laptop.

11. Invest in a safe or something that you can lock your valuables in in your dorm.

12. Don’t live with your friends (even if you think you will room well together) because living with strangers will either teach you very good life lessons or will help you find your best friends.

13. Do go to the involvement fair.

14. Don’t join every club you see. Pick two, maybe three, clubs to get involved in.

15. Don’t worry about a job your Freshman year.

16. Do care about you grades from the beginning, because down the road you might try to get into a major that cares about your GPA.

17. Bring a water bottle to keep by your bed always.

18. Invest in a good pair of headphones that can drown out everyone.

19. Explore the campus and Tallahassee.

20. Study Abroad!!

21. Buy some healthy snacks to keep around the dorm.

22. Do try to go to the gym, but don’t worry too much if you don’t.

23. Don’t bring a lava lamp (also check online to see what you can and can’t bring)

24. Bring your own set of pots and pans (because the ones the dorm provides are nasty AF)

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25. Discuss what each roommate is bringing to the dorm before you all arrive.

26. Bring a camera.

27. Start a journal.

28. Don’t always ask your parents for money.

29. Don’t forget to call home.

30. Don’t be afraid to bring meaningful things from your childhood with you, such as a stuffed animal or a special blanket.

31. Remember that you can choose to never see someone again, FSU is that big.

32. That being said, don’t give up on friendships too easily.

33. But, also try to only hang out with people that love you for you.

34. Visit your grandparents, not just your parents.

35. Try to eat out only once or twice a week.

36. If you have a meal plan, don’t only eat unhealthy food (no matter how tempting).

37. Don’t buy the unlimited meal plan, it’s a waste of money.

38. Buy furniture that can double as something else (ex. A chair that doubles as storage).

39. Don’t buy your textbooks at the bookstore, rent them on Amazon or Chegg.

40. Nap. Nap.

41. Do go out and have fun!

42. Don’t be that person that everyone has to take care of because all you do is black out.

43. Take responsibility for your actions, you’re an adult.

44. Be polite and friendly to everyone.

45. Have one professional outfit in your closet.

46. Edit your resume all the time and always have a printed copy.

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47. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

48. Go to class.

49. Be grateful that you are able to have this experience.

50. Don’t hold grudges; learn to let go—you will be much happier.

Do you have any other tips for freshman at Florida State University? Comment below!
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