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Labor Day Sale at Sephora!

Labor Day Sale at Sephora!

This Labor Day weekend, there is sure to be a ton of sales for the holiday. One you definitely won’t want to miss is the one at Sephora. You can find items at Sephora for up to 50% off this weekend! Get the perfect shades for fall without going over your budget! Or pick up some of your favorite products that you’re almost out of before you leave for school. Have a new fall internship? Get cosmetics that are sure to wow your employer and your fellow employees. Sephora has just released their Makeup Academy Palette, consisting of 130 colors for your eyes, lips, and face, something that would definitely be handy to have. And you can get it for 50% off, if you are a beauty insider at the store.

Or, at least for me, winter is a time for dry skin and I need all the lotion I can get. Use this sale to stock up on your favorite lotions to last you through the fall and winter months. Any type of beauty product or cosmetics that you need, you should definitely check out at Sephora to take advantage of this great sale. And, to make this sale even better, you can get also get 10% cash back on your purchase with Studentrate! So no excuses, go out there and save today at Sephora!

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