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10 Jewelry Items To Spice Up Your Style

Jewelry is the best way to complete an outfit and can be a great way to express yourself if you pick the right pieces. I always have my hands covered in rings and at least two necklaces on at all times, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To give you some much-needed guidance and inspo, here are ten jewelry items to complete your vibe!

1. Tana Mongeau x Room 13 LA Necklace–$100

I am putting this piece here first because it is absolutely stunning. With gold, diamond and pearl detailing, you really cannot go wrong. If you don’t know Tana, she is an internet influencer whose popularity is growing each minute. Since purchasing this absolute gorgeous piece of jewelry, I have gotten so many compliments. It’s a take on Vivienne Westwood’s popular pearl necklaces, with Tana’s own personal twist on it. You’ll be sure to feel like the baddest girl in the room with this one.

2. Ellie Vail Tara Lion Signet Ring–$58

I love pairing thin rings with chunky ones to add variety to my jewelry collection. This gorgeous ring made by Ellie Vail has elements of old and new, creating the perfect ring. The lion signet ring would be one of the bigger rings in your collection, but it is so glamorous it’s hard to say no. Hypoallergenic and 18k gold-plated, this ring will not rust, tarnish or turn your fingers green like others. A high quality ring like this is often not affordable, but you will want this in your jewelry collection before it’s gone. 

3. joolz Pearl + Chain Initial Necklace–$235

Since pearl necklaces are so in right now, I included another one on this list. This piece of jewelry incorporates the best of both worlds: half pearl, half chain. The dual-toned look is super unique, and the initial pendant is big enough that it is sure to catch the eye of anyone. Since initial necklaces, chain necklaces and pearl necklaces are all in style, why not combine them all? This piece of jewelry is definitely a statement piece that you can wear daily, and it matches with all of your outfits. I can’t think of a better piece for someone looking to stand out, but not with just any necklace. 

4. BRACHA Cabo Bracelet–$44

Chunky chains are in right now, so it’s only right that I include one of my personal favorite jewelry pieces. A thick bracelet can be worn alone, or stacked with other bracelets that are similar in style or color. If you don’t have a statement bracelet, I would recommend getting a simple one like this so you can match your outfit and also wear it daily. Plus, when you’re taking pictures of something you’re holding, you’re going to want to be wearing some amazing jewelry to amplify that pic. A bracelet like this one will do just the trick. 

5. The M Jewelers NY Full Iced Out Necklace–$121

Continuing on the bling jewelry kick, this is perfect for those who love simple pieces with a little twist. This necklace is just a bunch of diamond-esque jewels throughout the entire thing. It is simple, it is beautiful, and it’s perfect for a classier look. Personally, I would wear this necklace with any outfit to dress it up. It is simple enough where you won’t feel like the piece is outshining your entire fit, but flashy enough that people are sure to envy you. This necklace is also an inexpensive substitute to a real diamond tennis bracelet or necklace, but gives you the same glamorous feeling. 

6. The M Jewelers NY Three Row Rainbow Ring–$100

This ring is the piece of jewelry you were missing your entire life, or at least that’s how I felt when I saw it. It is a triple stacked ring, so it has dimension and almost everything you could request in a ring. Sandwiched between two diamond rows is a row of jewel-toned stones that give you a pop of color, while the diamond accents balance it out. If I didn’t have seven rings on already, or if I even had an extra finger, I would be purchasing this. It’s the pop of color you did not know you needed. 

7. Uncommon James Butterfly Studs Earrings–$42

If you’re not really into hoops all that much, but want a pair of earrings you can wear daily, I am blessing you. These earrings are cute enough to wear out and wear with your everyday outfits, so you actually do not have to take them off even if you don’t want to. You may be thinking at this point, can it get better than this? Yes, it can. The studs can be bought as a set with a matching necklace and ring if you want to pull the whole look together. The jewelry pieces are all under $100, so you won’t be breaking the bank if you get all three. 

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8. MIRANDA FRYE Cobra Ring–$56

I love a snake ring because it is an edgier look, and it appears as though the snake is wrapped around your finger which I think is amazing. If you were loving the lion ring I suggested, add another animal ring to have a little zoo on your hands. This ring is adjustable, which is perfect because my fingers are different sizes depending on the day. It is also 18k plated gold, so tarnishing is going to be minimal. Investing in sturdy rings will seem expensive, but they will last you longer than an $8 ring will, and you will be happier in the end with that.

9. 8 Other Reasons Beaded Necklace–$47

Beaded necklaces are super in right now, you can probably thank Harry Styles for that one. Ever since he wore a beaded necklace in his music video, these necklaces have been flying off the shelves. So naturally, you should want one too but the one he wore is expensive. A beaded necklace like this one has cute flower beads that add a pop of color throughout the pearls. If you’re more crafty, you could probably make one of these yourself. But, I am not, so I would be purchasing one like this. 

10. 8 Other Reasons Evil Eye Charm Anklet–$34

I love a good anklet, and the charms on this one are just too cute to pass up. Anklets remind me of going to the boardwalk and buying a bunch of cheap ones that would break in a day. To harbor that nostalgia, buy a sturdier anklet that won’t break if the wind is too strong that day. This one is perfect because it gives off a layered look, and the charms give it an added flare. An anklet may not have been the first on your list of jewelry to buy, but it’s a cute option for the summer when you’re mostly barefoot anyway. 

All of these jewelry pieces are perfect for any outfit and are sure to land you tons of compliments. Let me know what your favorite jewelry piece is in the comments below!

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