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Ideas For Your Next Girls Night In

Who doesn’t love a girl’s night in? Yes, everyone appreciates the fun and craziness of a night out and going to a club or bar, but sometimes a night in with the girls is needed! A girl’s night in is always so rejuvenating, and the memories and laughs are always so lovely. Girl’s nights are always great for bonding, and it is fun to have you remising over your middle school slumber parties!

1. Movies

Binge all the movies you want guilt free! The day before or the day of, pick out a bunch of movies to watch. Create a movie marathon playlist for you and your friends. Talk to your friends and see what movies they’ve been dying to view for the first time or re-watch! Who doesn’t love the nostalgic feeling of watching an old movie? And who knows, maybe you guys will pick a movie you want to watch every girl’s night and create a kind of tradition. Or you will want to choose a new film for every girl tonight! So, feel free to pull your friends into the group chat to see what everyone is in the mood to watch and get it ready for your next girl’s night in. There are a bunch of streaming services to choose from, and between you and your friends, you guys probably have access to every streaming service. So, make sure to send a message in your group chat asking for suggestions on what you guys should watch during your next girl’s night in.

2. Order in

Every girls’ night in needs the appropriate food to accompany it. Order in from your favorite takeout place, and don’t be shy. You can permanently save food for late-night snacks or leftovers the next day. You are ordering in means that no one must be stuck cleaning pots and pans. No one must worry about cooking or buying groceries. You guaranteed good food for your girl’s night without feeling the pressure of cooking. Ordering in is also perfect for picky eats or people with allergies. Everyone can order what they want without feeling annoying! Ordering takeout is the ideal way to host a girl’s night in. So, for your next girls’ night in, do yourselves a favor and make everyone happy by ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant.

3. Matching PJ sets

Matching PJ sets will bring you back to your middle school slumber party days, but everything is always better when people twin. Who doesn’t love a matching pajama set and then twin with friends? So adorable! You can get cute PJ sets at Target or order off Amazon. Have your friends Venmo you when you order or pick up the PJ set. If you find an attractive and affordable location, then you and they will be able to wear them plenty of times and get lots of usage out of them. This matching PJ set can become your new uniform for every future girl’s night. Having the pajamas will also ensure that you are comfortable and ready to enjoy every part of your girl’s night!

4. Bake

If you want your girl’s night to have the perfect aroma to match the vibes, I highly recommend baking a sweet treat. It doesn’t need to be completely homemade and made from scratch! Heck, it doesn’t even have to be a Betty Crocker box to which you add eggs, oil, and butter. Honestly, you can buy a tub of Tollhouse cookie dough, place it on a pan, and throw it in the oven. Your home will smell fantastic, leaving you with a tasty treat later in the night.

5. Face-masks

Face-masks are such an excellent addition to your next girls’ night! They will leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. There are so many options when it comes to face-mask. Go to your closest, Target, Ulta, Sephora, or you can even order from Amazon. You can buy sheet masks or find a kind that is a cream, and you can apply it to your face. You can even find recipes online to make your own at home. Face-masks can be an excellent activity for your girl’s night in because it will allow you all to relax and do something nice for your skin. Face masks pair perfectly with wine, gossiping, and your movie marathon. Face masks are the perfect addition to your next girls’ night in!

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6. Cocktails

Girls’ nights were invented to be with friends and unwind. One of the ways I know best how to unwind is with a cocktail in hand. Maybe you guys have a favorite recipe for margaritas that you love, or you guys want to try a new drink every time. Cocktails can be fun to make your girl’s night different. Feel free to Google some fantastic recipes for margaritas, frozen rosé, Piña Coladas, cosmopolitans, espresso martinis, and any other fun cocktails. A cocktail always helps me unwind and enjoy my friends even more. And if you aren’t into cocktails, bring over a bottle of wine or a case of beer and enjoy. And for those who choose not to drink, creating fun mock-tails to join in on the fun can always be fun. Girls’ nights were made for the girls to relax and let loose at the same time, so find a signature cocktail or try a different cocktail each night.

Girls’ nights are the best way to spend time with your girls and bond. I hope this article gives you some fun ideas to spice up your next girls’ night and making all more entertaining. Most importantly, don’t forget why you’re having your girl’s night to spend time with friends and have some wholesome, innocent fun. To reminisce on old memories, create new laughs, and form new traditions. So for your next girls’ night in, I recommend coming up with a fantastic movie marathon, the order in your favorite takeout, order some matching PJ sets so you can all twin, bake your favorite sweet treats together, and apply some fantastic relaxing face masks and finally do it all with an impressive cocktail in hand!

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