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How Communication Keeps a Relationship Alive

Every single relationship is different. Some use different aspects to keep it going strong. Some couples use their sexual desires as their strongest point while others use quality time or set aside a few days of the week for their significant other. No matter the way you chose to base your relationship off of, communication is a constant variable in every scenario. No human being has ever been known to be able to read the minds of other humans. With that being said, communication has become a term used to give couples an opportunity to express their concerns and needs with one another. Whether the reasons are positive or negative, communication is the only way to get across exactly what you are thinking and feeling. A lot of couples end up getting into fights with one another over things that could’ve been handles in a mature and respectful way. The truth is that a lot of people are afraid to communicate their thoughts and feelings because of past trauma that has made them shut out the possibility entirely. From my experience, communication only leads you further to where you are supposed to be. No one wants to be stuck in place when they could be moving forward. And running in circles is never a healthy alternative.

Dating for anyone past a certain age is very difficult. You don’t know what’s out there and you don’t know how different the game is until you’ve learned it the hard way unfortunately. To avoid being dragged along the dirt or getting used or played for a fool, establish your terms at the start. Make sure your intentions and interests are laid out on the table. If you communicate from the very start what you need and what you want, then there is no reason for anyone to stick around unless they are okay to date you on the terms. Of course, you must still remain open to their interests and needs. If they are okay with yours then listen to them as well and find the best possible outcome for the both of you to be happy in this relationship. There is nothing worse than being in a relationship where everything you communicate is being thrown out the window while you respect their wishes to the best of your capabilities.

Sometimes relationships can be a little overwhelming for some people. There are so many outside factors that someone already has to deal with on a daily that it can be hard to add something as major as dating into the fold. Some people focus on school or work for the majority of their life and there is nothing wrong with that. This is where communication comes into play. If you are busy with a lot of other commitments you have already had and you chose to date, then it becomes your responsibility to explain to your significant other how you still need time aside to focus on school and or work. Through this healthy exchange of words, you will both come to a conclusion that will serve as a benefit for the both of you. Friends can always be something hard to adjust to. Sometimes a guy has some friends that are girls and sometimes girls have friends that are guys. While trust is a key factor in these situations, communication would help as well. If you are uncomfortable by the people, your partner is surrounding themselves with then simply have a respectful and mature conversion about it. They will express their view and try to ease your concern. If they chose not to then you have the opportunity to see that they aren’t being considerate. Either way, it’s a road that must be traveled on. Avoiding uncomfortable subjects only lead to overthinking and unnecessary stress. It’s not worth the lost sleep or the pacing back and forth. Communicate your concerns and doubts and if it’s meant to be then it will work out.

Communication can be a problem for some people that have trouble speaking socially. Even though you find someone that makes you feel comfortable and safe, when it comes to expressing your concerns or doubts it can be a little scary. People that suffer from social anxiety to any extent may find themselves having difficulty when it comes to communication. This on its own is something that needs to be talked about. A lot of relationships now are fast paced, and the couple jump into the deep end without knowing if the other even knows how to swim. There is nothing wrong with taking time to establish the relationship before getting more serious. This part can be very exciting and even easier for those that have a form of social anxiety. Taking the time to get to know one another will allow your partner to know how you are and understand that maybe sometimes speaking about serious topics can be a little difficult. And so, when the time comes for you to express your concerns, they will know to comfort you and allow you the freedom to say what you need without the fear of judgement or rejection.

Many people might seem communication as a path leading to a breakup in a relationship. Communication is nothing to be afraid of. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that just needs to be addressed. Talking out any issues and working on them mean that both sides see the relationship going long term. That is very healthy and a positive sign. No one is perfect and like everything, you’re not going to get it right the very first time. The act of expressing your concerns and ideals with one another will only become more and more urgent as our society dives deeper into the age of social media. You want to be able to date someone that has similar ideals and drives as you and sometimes talking about those things is all it takes to understand what you need.


Zachary Hernandez

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