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Here Are Our Favourite Disney Couples To Feed Your Nostalgia

Here Are Our Favourite Disney Couples To Feed Your Nostalgia

Walt Disney is notorious for creating loveable stories, quotes and characters. From these beautifully crafted characters derive our favourite Disney couples, and not just from the full length animated features. Disney couples span beyond the big screen, and on our small screen we’ve been blessed and enchanted by numerous couples that have the cutest love stories ever. 

In this list, I’ve compiled a collection of Disney couples that are especially popular outside the animated feature list. These include those couples from our favourite Disney Channel programs, TV shows, DCOMS (Disney Channel Original Movies for all you uncultured swines) and more. With many Disney couples you’ve perhaps long forgotten, I’m here to remind you of their romantic impact on you views of love since childhood, and most importantly, to feed your nostalgia. 

1. Teddy and Spencer

Many argue that Teddy was much too forgiving of Spencer in Disney Channel’s sitcom Good Luck Charlie. Teddy begins dating Spencer from episode one of the show, and from here they seem to be a rather stable couple. Until sometime later in Season 1, we find out that Spencer has been dating another girl named Skylar at the same time!

In Season 2 Spencer apologises profusely to her and they reconcile. The two share ups and downs throughout their relationship – including Teddy feeling more into Spencer than he is, and Spencer having to move away for college in Season 3. But, by the end of the fourth and final season, this cute couple reunites via a performance of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’, and our hearts soared with them for their happily ever after. 

Here Are Our Favourite Disney Couples To Feed Your Nostalgia

2. Cody and Bailey

As soon as The Suite Life set sail on the SS Tipton, we knew our favourite troublesome twins would be up to all kinds of new mischief, but maybe more so in the teen romance department. As soon as we are introduced to Bailey’s character, Cody takes an immediate liking to her and delves a “6-month plan” to win her over. 

By the end of Season 1, Cody’s plan seemingly works and the two begin a loving relationship, filled with affection, care, friendship and some healthy academic competition. The two misunderstand each other in Paris and break up, but soon get back together before heading off to University and college. 

Here Are Our Favourite Disney Couples To Feed Your Nostalgia

3. Alex and Mason

Before Alex ever met Mason in Disney Channel’s sitcom Wizards of Waverley Place, it was hard to spot a soft side to her. We meet Mason for the first time in Season 3, and he instantly takes Alex’s fancy. Alex notices something mysterious about Mason as he disappears suddenly just at sunset, and soon we find out that he is actually a werewolf! 

The two begin a loving relationship that completely captured our hearts, and our hearts even broke with Alex when Mason inadvertently breaks up with her. They get back together soon enough after some dramatic time apart, and they share a beautiful love story which I’m sure continues to blossom to this day. 

Here Are Our Favourite Disney Couples To Feed Your Nostalgia

4. Sonny and Chad

This was one of those couples I had long been anticipating during the first season of the show, that is Disney Channel’s sitcom Sonny with a Chance. The chemistry between Sonny and Chad was completely undeniable. The two absolutely loved to hate each other but always shared a secret liking toward each other. 

Sonny and Chad soon become a couple by Season 2, but it is Chad’s arrogance that causes their defeat. Of course we’ll never really know what happened for these two due to the show’s cancellation, but we can always go back and love the hilarious chemistry between them. 

Here Are Our Favourite Disney Couples To Feed Your Nostalgia

4. Troy and Gabriella

If you hopped on the Disney Channel’s original movie High School Musical crazed bandwagon back in 2006 (wow when did that become 13 years ago?), then you likely fell in love with the cuteness of Troy and Gabriella. The two meet at a ski lodge resort during a karaoke night, and are instantly encapsulated by the other’s ability to sing. Talk about a meet cute story! 

From here the two became one of the most iconic and loved Disney couples of all time, having a rather sturdy relationship for the last three years of their high school life. They go through many ups and downs, mainly due to Gabriella’s trust issues and need to walk away when things seem too good for her. Regardless however, Troy always brings her back down to earth and they share a high school love story that we can only dream of. 

Here Are Our Favourite Disney Couples To Feed Your Nostalgia

5. Justin and Juliet 

A couple that constantly finds their way back to each other always has our hearts. Justin meets the vampire Juliet in Season 2 of Wizards of Waverley Place, and of course we discover that poor Juliet does not age, but Justin does.

But this is just one of their shortcomings. Juliet cannot be exposed to sunlight, and she is even threatened by age when they travel to Transylvania. Regardless, the two inevitably find their way back to each other with a love story that has survived numerous obstacles and supernatural entities. 

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Here Are Our Favourite Disney Couples To Feed Your Nostalgia

6. Austin and Ally 

If you’re ever looking for a cute friends-turned-lovers love story, then look no further than the Disney channel sitcom Austin and Ally. Arguably, we all knew these two would find love within each other at some point because they seem to “complete” each other from episode one. Austin performs confidently but cannot write music, and Ally writes music beautifully but has stage fright. 

The two become partners but do not develop romantic feelings for each other until Season 2. From here they realise they are better off as friends to continue a professional partnership, but soon their love for one another overcomes them and they become a stable couple by Season 3. They continue on as both partners in music and life partners by the end of the series. A love story too cute for words. 

Here Are Our Favourite Disney Couples To Feed Your Nostalgia

7. Miley and Jake

There was always an ongoing battle between who was a better match for Miley, Jake or Jesse, in Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. But before Jake became a cheater, we have to admit that Jake and Miley really were meant to be. The two just understand each other so effortlessly, and arguably, no one really understood Miley’s double life as a pop star besides Jake. 

The two share a fairly rocky relationship throughout the series, but I’m pretty adamant that Jake was the better fit for Miley. Not even Jesse could handle the double life Miley lead by the series’ end. 

Here Are Our Favourite Disney Couples To Feed Your Nostalgia

8. Kim and Ron

We all wanted Kim and Ron from Disney Channel’s animated program Kim Possible to get together before they even did. The two were absolute best friends for the first half of the series, so by the time Kim kisses Ron at their prom in the film Kim Possible: So The Drama, we were all cheering along for them. 

Here Are Our Favourite Disney Couples To Feed Your Nostalgia

Who is one of your favourite Disney couples? Let us know in the comments down below!

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