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10 Fun Double Date Ideas That Are Cheap And Cool

10 Fun Double Date Ideas That Are Cheap And Cool

Double dates can get weird. Here are fun double date ideas for you and your boyfriend. Next time you and your BFF get together, go on these double dates.

Let’s be real, when you think of double dates you’re not entirely thrilled. In fact, nothing sounds more unappealing than a double date – aside from a flat out miserable date. For those of you heading on your first date and you’d rather make it a coupled event, here’s a list of fun double date ideas that are cheap and actually cool. One piece of advice would be to make sure you are tagging along with people who are upbeat and won’t be a buzz-kill. Seriously – don’t you dare go bowling.

1. Watch A Sports Game

This is one of those fun double date ideas that can be a blast. There are a ton of fun things you can do during a live sports game. If things start to get awkward you can always eat food and watch the game. Plus, who doesn’t love sports game food? Dodger dogs all the way. Not to mention, the guys will have something to bond over if they don’t already know one another. Seriously, this is one of those fun double date ideas you shouldn’t pass up.

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2. Watch The Latest Episode Of The Bachelorette

Seriously, this is a fun double date idea – even if you don’t watch the show. Don’t you dare think about going to the movies; you can’t talk during the movie. No way would that be an interactive and fun double date. This way you can chat and laugh about how outrageous the people on the show are. Get some popcorn and wine and you’re set. There’s no way you won’t enjoy yourself.

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3. Trivia Night

Trivia night is the perfect fun double date ideas. You can either do it at home and be one of those typical double daters or find a bar that has trivia night. When you start getting a little booze in you, it gets fun. Find a bar hosting a trivia night! However, if you want to opt for something a bit more personal, host!

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4. Hibachi

Hibachi is one of my favorite fun double date ideas. Whenever I have to go somewhere with a big group of friends, we end up going to this one place Osaka in Boston. It has never failed to be a good time. The chef always gets people interacting as well as cracking jokes. You can’t go wrong with this double date – if you do, you’re doing something wrong! Wow your date by catching shrimp in your mouth – or sake!

5. Day Trip

Adventurous couples – this one is for you. If both couples are up for a good time, plan a day trip somewhere. The four of you will fit in a car and you can break the ice on the way. Head to a nearby town that has some cool activities. It’s always nice getting out of town and it’s a spur of the moment date. This is a great fun double date idea.

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6. Amusement Park

This one of the more costly fun double date ideas, but entirely worth it. Let loose and channel your inner child. This is perfect for a couple meeting for the first time. It keeps things lighthearted – just make sure everyone likes roller coasters. It automatically sets up the scenario so there is plenty to talk about. How can you not laugh at the one friend in a panic?

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7. Wine Tasting

What’s not to love about this double date idea? Dare I elaborate?

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8. Ice Skating

C’mon you can’t say this isn’t one of the best more fun double date ideas. Ice skating is perfect for winter nights. Honestly, it would still be fun if you’re on the west coast. If not more fun! This allows couples to get a bit more hands on. Plus, it’s always funny when someone falls. You can grab hot cocoa afterwards and grab a warm meal.

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9. Dance Class

This sounds corny but I promise it’s a lot of fun. This is one of those fun double date ideas that is seriously popular abroad. This was one of the most highly anticipated double dates when I was in Australia. My Aussie friends always suggested taking a dance class. Drink a bit of wine prior to the class and you’re bound to have a lot of laughs. No joke – it’s fun!

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10. Comedy Show

Seriously, you cannot go wrong here. This is perfect for double dates. However, if you hate laughing then I suggest doing something else.

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Hopefully these fun double date ideas have inspired you to step out of your comfort zone! Try one of these double dates. If you run out of things to talk about, no worries, got you covered.

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