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Graduation Gifts For Him That He’ll Actually Appreciate

There are many graduation gifts you could give to your recent grad to show how proud you are of him and to help him celebrate! Graduating from college, or graduate school, is a big milestone in life and it really marks one’s transition into the “adult” world. A world more focused on work and being professional in your endeavors, as opposed to drinking and having fun all the time with your friends during college. It is important to remember that everyone is different so some guys may prefer one thing or another that might not necessarily be on this list. These are just some great suggestions for graduation gifts that are both practical and cool to have- so most guys should love them. Here are some graduation gifts for him that he’ll appreciate!

1. Tool Kit

A tool kit may seem like one of the more boring graduation gifts but it can be extremely useful. As you enter the “real world” from college there will come times when you’ll need to build furniture or repair something in your house/apartment that doesn’t warrant calling a handyman. It can make a big difference to be able and pull out that screwdriver, hammer, or wrench when the need arises. Plus the more repairs he can do on his own without involving the landlord will likely save him some money on his security deposit! You can let him be the “handyman” amongst his roommates and help any one of them put up shelves or mount their TV on the wall. Tool kits don’t seem like the most personal of graduation gifts but it’ll be greatly appreciated by him and he’ll be able to keep and use it for years afterward.

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2. Glasses & Decanter Set

This glasses & decanter set makes for amazing graduation gifts for a guy that wants to look and drink eloquently. This gift is great but not only is it useful for its obvious purpose of storing/pouring and drinking alcohol, but it’s also a very fancy-looking element of decor to add to a recent grad’s home. You’re able to personalize the glasses and the decanter with the guy’s initials which make it even cooler! These make for great graduation gifts to bring out for fancy parties such as an oscar viewing or a wedding celebration. He doesn’t have to necessarily be a huge fan of drinking to appreciate gifts such as these because of their great aesthetic value. He’ll really appreciate these gifts when his friends all compliment him on his personalized decanter set when they come over to hang out. His friends will be so impressed and mesmerized by it they probably won’t even notice the cheap whiskey they might be drinking out of it.

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3. Sports Jersey

If he’s a sports fan whether it be football, basketball, soccer, etc. then if you get him a jersey from his favorite player he’ll probably call it the best of his graduation gifts. Maybe the best gift he’s ever gotten, assuming he doesn’t already have the jersey. A jersey is an amazing graduation gift or just a great gift in general because it can have many uses. Let’s take a Stephen Curry jersey from the Golden State Warriors, for example. If he’s a basketball fan, and of course a Warriors fan, then he will absolutely love this as a graduation gift. However, if he’d prefer a different player then that’s easy to fix and you can even ask his friends or family for help if you’re not quite sure what he’d like. Regardless, a jersey makes a great gift because you can wear them if/when you go to a sports game and cheer on your favorite team. You can also wear them if he goes out to play some basketball with friends. He’ll be trying to get into the zone while he shoots and misses 3-point shots thinking he’s as good at Steph Curry. If he prefers he could also just keep and hang up the jersey on his wall as a great piece of decoration to symbolize his dedication as a true fan. You can’t go wrong with getting sports jerseys for graduation gifts!

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4. Professional Briefcase

Graduation means he is moving from college life into the “adult world” or “real world” where he’ll need to focus more on his job and being professional. Unfortunately,  that means he’ll have to leave behind those huge college parties and staying up all night with his friends. Although he may not distinctly say so, graduation gifts that he can use and which make him appear more professional are a great idea. A professional briefcase such as this would make an awesome graduation gift for any guy. He’ll be able to take it to his job interviews after graduating and he’ll likely get some compliments and extra points with the interviewer. Similarly, if he already has a job lined up after graduating then he can use the bag and impress his bosses. Depending on what his job is, he may impress some clients or at the very least his coworkers with a fancy and professional leather briefcase.

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5. A Nice Watch

Watches make for great graduation gifts because (similar to a professional-looking briefcase) it can make him appear more respectable and professional. There are a huge amount of different watches available out there so it could take some research to find one that he would really like and looks the best on him. You have to choose between digital, mechanical, smart, and so many more depending on the look or your price range. Be careful though because sometimes it’s advertised as “the bigger the watch the fancier it is” and this just simply isn’t true. A huge watch doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better-looking it just means it’s bigger and heavier on his wrist than other watches. If he’s already got a good standard every-day watch then you probably want to find him something nicer looking.  You can’t go wrong with a mechanical watch with a leather strap such as this MVMT watch. It’s simple yet elegant and offers the perfect color blend that would go well with any professional business wear. He’ll truly appreciate a graduation gift such as this as he’ll look and feel more respectable and professional.

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What are some other graduation gifts that you’d recommend? Share them with us in the comments below!

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