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10 Free Things To Do Around Penn State University

10 Free Things To Do Around Penn State University

Are you a broke Penn Stater? Have you been trying to find all the free things on and off campus without any success? Here is an ultimate list of some great events, shows and activities that every broke college student should know about here in State College. So, here are the best 10 free things to do around Penn State!

1. No Refund Theatre Shows.

Almost every week of the semester No Refund Theatre puts on a play. Either housed in the Forum Building or HUB Flex Theater, talented members of the club put on fantastic shows. Keep an eye out for show dates and Facebook events!

2. Climb Mount Nittany.

Do you like hiking? Well, even if you don’t, Mount Nittany is one of the many attractions that all Penn Staters must do at least once while they’re at school. The view from the top is breathtaking as you peer down into Happy Valley. But the best part? It’s totally free and takes up a good few hours of an otherwise boring day.


3. Palmer Museum of Art.

The Palmer Museum of Art is on North Campus and displays the iconic lion paws right outside its front doors. The museum is a free resource for not only students but for people all over the State College area. With 11 galleries, there is always something new and to find within the walls.



4. Sporting Events for Students.

So we all know those coveted football tickets are a little pricey, (who can argue that they aren’t worth it?) but there are dozens of other sporting events on campus that are free for students. Soccer games on Jeffrey Field, field hockey, baseball and more! Some sports still charge students for tickets, but what is $2 for a great game at Penn State?

5. PAC Events.

Are you into great music, awesome shows or dancing? The Performing Arts Council always has events going on from acappella concerts, to dance events put on by other clubs associated with the council, a lot of which are free! Check out the PAC for more information on events they’re having this semester!

6. Ride the White and Blue Loops and Red and Green Links.

These buses are some of the saving graces of all PSU students. Whether it’s getting to a party downtown or making it on time to those 8ams across campus, these free on campus buses are there.



7. Volunteer.

Whether it’s for THON, with FRESH Start or dozens of other organizations on campus, there are so many opportunities to volunteer at Penn State. This is a free way to meet new people and do a few good things all at the same time. Anyone who volunteers with any organization will surely tell you it’s worth it, even if you dedicate just an hour a week.

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8. Arboretum.

The Arboretum is another outdoorsy activity for anyone in the Penn State area. A much shorter trek than Mount Nittany, the Arboretum is just North of central campus. It’s a beautiful little area that is just as nice in the winter as in the summer. The gardens always provide a scenic stroll and are always a great place to bring a date.



9. The Commons.

In the Commons on campus, residence life is always putting together free activities! From viewing footballs games, the election or other sporting events to arts and crafts to trivia, kids on campus can enjoy all sorts of fun.

10. HUB Late Night.

The HUB always has stuff going on for students. SPA organizes HUB Late Night for everyone who may want to just watch a movie, see a concert, hear a speaker or get some balloon art! They even had Bill Nye on campus last year. There’s always stuff going on all over the HUB and most weekends, is definitely worth the trip to check it out.

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