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10 Free Things To Do Around University of Southern California

10 Free Things To Do Around University of Southern California

From taking a hike up to the Hollywood sign to exploring downtown LA, here are the top 10 free things to do around University of Southern California!
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We all know USC is an expensive school to go to, but that doesn’t mean Los Angeles has to be an expensive place to explore! Check out the following sites, sorted by distance, that’ll show you what LA has to offer. Here are the top 10 free things to do around the University of Southern California!

10 Free Things To Do Around University of Southern California

1. Rose Garden (0 min drive)

Wake up and smell the roses! The Rose Garden is  located directly south of campus, right next to the Natural History Museum. It is a great place to take photos and have a morning walk to brighten your day.


2. Learn At The Natural History Museum (0 min drive)

The Natural History Museum is located directly south of campus and is a great museum to visit for free! See halls full of taxidermies and old dinosaur bones.

3. Explore The Different Districts Of Downtown LA. (8 min drive)

Among Downtown LA’s districts are the art district, fashion district, jewelry district, and flower district. Best of all, they are all close to one another. You can go window shopping in the art district district, find huge bargains on high end designer clothing in the fashion district, and buy a bouquet for your favorite person in the flower district all in the same trip.


4. Wander Around Grand Central Market (9 min drive)

Grand Central Market in Downtown LA is always bustling, and full of unique foods. Visit to lift your mood and try new things!

5. See Modern Art At The Broad (10 min drive)

The Broad is a very popular attraction for USC students (for a reason). You can go there for free, and there are tons of unique, famous displays. Come see a chair that is twice as tall as you! If you do want to see the famous infinity mirror display, that will cost extra, though.



6. Explore The Last Bookstore (10 min drive)

A hugely popular photo spot, explore mazes of bookshelves in the Last Bookstore and pick up a vintage book from the 20th century. It’s great for all, whether you love reading books, appreciating artwork, or taking photos in the displays.

7. Go Shopping At The Grove Or Americana (18 min for the Grove, 20 min for Americana)

This is a two for one point, but if you love shopping then both should be on your bucket list. Whether you’re there to shop or to walk around and admire their aesthetics, it is very easy to have a good time at these malls without buying anything.

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8. Explore Santa Monica’s Pier And Beach (22 min drive)

Take a nap on the beach, play carnival games on the pier, watch street performers, and more. Santa Monica is only one Metro ride away and a must see for all beach lovers!

9. Hike To The Hollywood Sign (25 min drive)

Visiting the Hollywood sign is a must see for those living in LA. There are many different hiking trails to choose from; have a relaxing hike that ends in a great view. Just remember to be safe about it and don’t hike at night.


10. See LA From Above At Griffith Observatory (26 min drive)

Whether you chose to hike up or take a car ride up to Griffith, the (free) view is too stunning to miss. Griffith is a go-to for those wanting to see all of LA.


Do you have any other free things to do near the University of Southern California!? Share in the comments below!

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