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Empowering Women Podcasts To Listen To

Whether discussing empowering women or providing advice to help women empower themselves, these empowering women podcasts open your eyes to the history, industries, and all-around realities of being a woman. They make you clap along in understanding of living in the world as a woman and the challenging, strengthening, and enlightening moments that come with it.

1. When Women Run

In the middle of a Pandemic, there’s also an election and more and more young people across the nation are calling for action and reform. The eye-opening and weighty death of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg prompted even more women to take a stance in politics and speak out. The 58-minute When Women Run empowering women podcast explores the careers of women from every state who have run for office.

This podcast asks these powerful women to talk about their experiences and discusses topics such as appearance, how media talked about their gender, whether or not they feel voters are sexists, and their worst experiences of sexism in politics. Hearing the stories on this empowering women podcast will inspire and motivate women everywhere to change the face of politics as the nation progresses.

2. Hey Girl

The host of this empowering woman podcast, Alex Elle, gets intimate with her guests and their stories whether they are family, strangers, or friends. All the women, no matter who they are, share inspiring stories and personal experiences women near and far can relate to. With 178 episodes to choose from, averaging at around 30 minutes each, you’re sure to find plenty of empowering women on this podcast. Listen to Alex’s grandmother talk about growing up black and the civil rights movement or Nicole LePera and listen to her advice on setting boundaries as a giver.

Find inspiration through empowering women podcast proving that no matter what walk of life you are on, women are unstoppable and full of endless motivation.

3. The Broad Experience

Host Ashley Milne-Tyte talks about the things women are afraid to talk about out loud in the workplace. Everything from race to childless careers to the use of women-only workplaces. It’s one of those empowering women podcasts first reported on by The Guardian and quickly picked up by other outlets like The New York Times and Fortune. Women in the workforce are still banging on glass ceilings and this empowering women podcast isn’t afraid to teach you how to knock a little louder.

Whether your new to the workforce or looking for solidarity knowing that other women feel the same as you, this podcast will have you nodding your head and taking notes. While it’s mostly geared towards women, this podcast sheds light on the professional industry and should be listened to by everyone far and wide so changes start happening.

4. Black Girl In Om

This is an especially empowering women podcast curated for black women and women of color. The host Lauren Ash talks to professionals across a wide variety of wellness and Spirit centered leaders from different walks of life. Of Lauren’s guests, Rachel Elizabeth Cargle works centers around the intersection of race and womanhood. The episode revolves around creating space of ease and defining “enough” for ourselves.

To continue to be empowering women in every aspect of our lives, we must allow ourselves to heal and learn. It is an empowering women podcast creating the perfect balance that will leave you feeling in the center with yourself and informed about the world.

5. Stuff Mom Never Told You

Sometimes, it’s just hard to talk to mom about certain things. Then you head to the internet and you’re even more confused than you were before. Don’t worry, the women from Stuff Mom Never Told you to help you discuss tricky topics through researched-based discussion.

Highly curated towards feminism and feminism means today and what it means to be a woman today, this empowering women podcast gets into different industries with fewer female representation. But don’t worry they have other topics like a book club for listeners approximately 20-minute episodes every Monday for short stories about or featuring women.

6. The Coco & Breezy Podcast

Sometimes, being a woman feels exhausting and like a battle, you got drafted into without the proper training to fight. Never the less, we preserve, grow, and excel. That’s exactly what this empowering women podcast will remind you when you listen to the stories of ambition and perseverance.

Not only are these powerful women empowering other women with their content, their spreading and engaging in important conversations about culture. The more you know, the more you’re able to help society grow and thrive in the right direction. This podcast might just be the first step for you in helping make that happen.

7. Women & Music – Gold Hand Girls

These badass women don’t just want to talk about the women gracing the stage, they want to get into the nitty-gritty of the entire music industry. Alex Ace and Micayla Chandler interview women off the stage including Lady Gaga’s Production Coordinator and Road Crew Manager, Samm Stageland. The goal of this empowering women podcast was to provide a platform for high-profile women you may never have even heard of and most importantly get women paid.

The inspiration for the podcast came from Alexa Ace who’s been immersed in the music industry since college, she looked around and realized men surrounded her. Where were the women? She knew of plenty who were interested in the industry but they weren’t being represented off the stage. What started as a passion project in 2016, Gold Hand Girls has grown into a platform to bring awareness to different jobs and ensure representation exists. Alexa stresses the importance of education and the experiences that come from talking to professors and connecting with them, she grants the connections she made with her professors to helping her succeed. Alexa and Micayla shine the spotlight on women in the music industry normally overshadowed by men.

See Also

8. And Nothing Less

Go past the history books and learn more important names that aided in the women’s suffrage movement. As we move forward as women, we have to remember who sacrificed and fought for what we can so easily take for granted today. While we read the names Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in textbooks, many women helped the suffrage movement. In And Nothing Less, the podcast named aptly after the famous quote “Men their rights and nothing more; women their rights and nothing less,” written by the two famous suffragettes, the empowering women podcast gives power back to the other women who haven’t gotten the same recognition.

Expand your view on history in this seven-episode mini-series and gain a deeper appreciation for your right to vote the next time to go to the polls.

9. Anonymous Was A Woman

This empowering women podcast specifically discusses books about women and by women. Explore the bookish world with a feminine looking glass as hosts Jamila Rizvi and Astrid Edwards examine themes in the book and how they correlate to real-life — especially for women. Since each episode is right around 20 minutes give or take a few, the perfect little literature fix you’re craving on your lunch break.

Feel connected to the women of this podcast both fictional and real as they relate to the struggles and victories of womanhood.

10. Straighten Your Crown

The title alone tells you this is an empowering female podcast you’ll never want to stop listening to. Calling all female entrepreneurs, hosts Andrea and Amy have some things they want to share with you. They want to empower female entrepreneurs and give them advice on how to fundraise, running a pitch meeting, and growing your business. Having only 14 episodes, get ahead on this empowering women podcast and share with your fellow female entrepreneurs. Grow alongside the podcast and see if these two women’s predictions on the future of the workforce post-COVID-19 come true.

11. Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Host Nora McInerny pushes listeners to really answer the question “how are you?” in the most honest version they can muster. She explores the wide range of human emotions and all the beauty, awkwardness, and tears that come with every single one. She doesn’t shy away from hard to discuss topics such as eating disorders, suicide, and sexual trauma. McInerny always provides a warning for triggering topics for listeners. As women, we tend to be as stealthy as a Black Ops agent when it comes to avoiding our emotions. This is one of those empowering women podcast that reminds you part of being a woman is remembering you are still human. You can still be a superwoman, but you’ll always first and foremost be a human. 

These empowering women podcasts lift you up and remind you what it is to fully be a badass woman. Share with your fellow badass women and lift each other up one message at a time.

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