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Easy Ways To Have A Healthy Summer

Easy Ways To Have A Healthy Summer

“Healthy” is a weird word. Though there are multiple definitions one might associate with “healthy,” I see it as this: feeling healthy is synonymous to feeling happy with yourself. It’s up to you to determine what your own version of healthy looks like. This summer, I’m following these seven habits to maintain a healthy mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing:

1. Spend Time Outdoors

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This is really a no-brainer. If you want to feel energized and productive this summer, you’ll want to aim for at least thirty minutes outside a day. You don’t even have to do anything physically demanding; you can go on easy walks, or simply lay on your deck and work on your tan. I guarantee, you’ll feel more replenished than locking yourself inside all day. If you live by a beach or a body of water, you have all the more reason to go outside. Go for a morning stroll or a quick swim! (I envy those that have easy access to a beach). I find that the best times to go outdoors are the morning and early evening. When you go outside in the morning, you already feel as though you accomplished something that day. That’s another goal to check of your list! And there’s just something about the night that makes you feel so thoughtful and relaxed. 


2. Solidify A Routine 

It’s scientifically proven that maintaining a routine can lead to better mental health. This summer, work on building a routine of your own. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Structure your mornings: will you shower before you eat? Will you squeeze in a workout or journaling? In turn, you should have a loose plan for the night time. How will you destress after a long day? When will you boot down social media? I find that it’s easier to be accountable for my routine on Better You. Better You is an app where you can check off what aspects of your routine you’ve executed. Of course, it’s important to be gentle with yourself. You shouldn’t feel pressured to follow your routine perfectly each day. Your routine should be flexible and fit to your own needs. 

3. Eat Whatever Makes You Happy

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As a wise person once said, “all bodies are bikini bodies.” Though I wish I could remember who it was that said this, I couldn’t agree more with them. Being healthy doesn’t mean going on fad diets. In order to be healthy this summer (and at all times of the year), you need to show your body love and respect. Eat whatever you want to eat! Personally, I’m trying to have a cleaner, more eco-friendly diet. I’ve been a vegetarian for a couple of years, so I’m experimenting what meals I can make for myself. Instead of buying foods with preservatives, I’m making an effort to purchase fresh fruits and veggies from my local farmer’s market. Healthy for me is balance. In between the fruits and veggies, I’ll be sure to treat myself to some cake and cookies. And what’s summer without ice cream? I’ll definitely be hitting up Ben and Jerry’s soon. 


4. Balance Work And Leisure

If you’re currently in college or have graduated, your summer likely revolves around a work schedule. It’s easy to get burnout in the summer. I’ve had my fair share of work-related stress, which has put a damper on many vacations. Remember that it’s unhealthy to have work consume your life. I admire people for wanting to work hard and prove themselves at their jobs, but there’s no harm in taking a break. Actually, there’s more benefits in taking a break than there are disadvantages. For one thing, you’ll avoid over-exhaustion. You’ll also have more time to spend focusing on yourself and what your true needs are. Sure, work is important, but so are your family and friends. So are your hobbies, too! Establish a balance between your work life and your personal life, not only for this summer, but for the long-run. 

5. Broaden Your Mind

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The last thing any student wants to do on their summer break is learn, right? Let’s revert the stigma of learning being boring. You should always seek to expand your knowledge! This summer, make education fun. Learn on your own terms: take online classes that interest you, go to a museum, and create a reading list. If anyone needs an recommendations for good summer books, I suggest Sex and Rage by Eve Babitz and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. These are only my personal preferences, so go to a bookstore and see what else appeals to you. Podcasts can also be a great outlet for educating yourself. You can find a podcast on any topic you want to learn more about! 


6. Clean Your Space

Some people thrive in chaos and clutter, but not me. For me, a clean space equals a healthy, happy lifestyle. If you’re anything like me—or if you’re searching for the motivation to declutter—then do it. Clean. I know that it can be painstaking, but trust me, an organized space is worth the hard work. I find that it’s easier for me to focus when there isn’t any mess around me. If you have a remote job or spend a lot of time at home, you should seriously consider a deep clean. To make cleaning fun (or, at least as fun as cleaning can be), I like to put on a show or movie in the background. I also like to light candles for an extra hint of freshness. A clean room is a clear mind! 

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7. Stay In Touch With Your Loved Ones

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In many cases, friends and family are positive influences to your mental health. But in the summer, you’re probably seeing less of your friends from school. There’s an easy fix to this dilemma. You should be the first one to reach out to your friends and family. Keep the connection between you strong! Unless there’s someone in your life that’s negatively affecting your mental health, you should try to stay in contact with them. A phone call with grandma or a group FaceTime with your best friends will give you instant serotonin. Better yet, make actual plans to see people!

While you’re trying to be “healthy” this summer, remember to do everything for yourself, and not to appease other people. Any display of self-love is one step closer to a healthy lifestyle.

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