Which Sex Position You Should Try Next Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What sex position you try next can depend on what your horoscope has to say about you! Here are some tips from your zodiac sign!

Being with a partner have a slight routine over time with your sex life, but it is important to spice things up and change things so that you both feel like you are seeing a different side to the other! There may seem like there are too many sex positions out there for you to ever try, however we have made this easy for you and have categorised the sex position you should try with your zodiac sign!

1. Aries: 69

Aries are known for being unique and putting themselves out there. They can be stubborn and wilful and unwilling to change what they want. This can mean that trying a different sex position can be difficult, but the best one for Aries would be the 69. This means that both the Aries and the partner are gaining pleasure, and the Aries isn’t being too bossy or stubborn! The symbol for Aries is fire, so try this sex position and see how things heat up in the bedroom.

Which Sex Position You Should Try Next Based On Your Zodiac Sign

2. Taurus: Cowgirl

The Taurus’ sign is the Bull, these Taurus’ are either content and chilled or headstrong and ready to go. For Taurus girls this means that they might need to use this headstrong energy in the bedroom, they should take the lead and make sure things are enjoyable. The best sex position for a Taurus would be the Cowgirl, the Taurus girl can take charge and set things at her own pace, making things feel enjoyable for both of them.

3. Gemini: The Visitor

Gemini is the twin sign, Gemini’s are often filled with spirit and can communicate energy when in a couple. They are resourceful, clever and kind hearted and are always looking for the best in another. The best sex position for a Gemini to try would be ‘The Visitor’ sex position. It is kind, intense and mentally and physically stimulating for both involved.

Which Sex Position You Should Try Next Based On Your Zodiac Sign

4. Cancer: Legs Wrapped Around Waist

Cancer’s often have a soft inner shell that is kept secret by a harder outer shell, they have an intense amount of love to give once the right individual is prepared to find it. The Cancer individual will be creative but also passionate and full of love, and they need a sex position to reflect this. Having the women’s legs wrapped around the man’s waist will fulfil this desire for love but also passion!

5. Leo: ‘The Plough’

Leo’s are the lions of the Zodiac signs, they are the rulers and are expressive and emotional to handle. These are some of the most self accepting individuals and will give anything a go if it means opening up new opportunities! The perfect sex position for a Leo would be ‘The Plough’, it requires a certain amount of flexibility and caution but if succeeded will bring the most amount of pleasure for both involved! It requires the woman being lay on her forearms with the man holding the legs, it will force the Leo to be cautionary and expressive, and emphasise their Lion nature!

6. Virgo: The Slip

Virgo’s are often perfectionists and want everything to absolute perfection, this is often reflected in their love life as well. Virgo’s like control as they can control the perfection of sex, however this sex position will force the Virgo’s to use their creativity and let their partner deal with the perfection for once. The Slip is a Kamasutra sex position which requires the woman to be lay on her back with her head on a pillow and the man to control the speed and the pleasure, perfect for those perfectionist Virgo’s!

Which Sex Position You Should Try Next Based On Your Zodiac Sign

7. Libra: Anything Where Your Partner Takes Dominance

A Libra is often indecisive and can’t choose what they like or dislike, this often leads to difficulties in the bedroom on what they like or dislike. For a Libra the best thing is for the partner to take the lead, any position that puts them into seeing what they like… or dislike!

8. Scorpio: Against The Wall

A Scorpio is one of the most passionate Zodiac signs, they love to express their love, the bigger the better! The best position for a scorpio is showing passion, try against the wall, it might bring out a hidden side of you that you haven’t discovered yet!

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9. Sagittairus: Doggy Style

A Sagittarius will always try and achieve more than they can personally deliver. For a Sagittarius the best thing is to take things back to basics, try something like the doggy style position to really take your time and enjoy what you are doing. Sometimes going back to basics can deliver the real passion!

10. Capicorn: Missionary Position

A Capricorn often has a plan and likes to deliver this plan to the best of their abilities. However, a Capricorn can always expect the worst out of a situation, leading them to be quite pessimistic. For a Capricorn it would be best to try a simple position that is likely of a good outcome, such as the Missionary position. This will deliver maximum effect, without them having to bully themselves about a bad outcome!

Which Sex Position You Should Try Next Based On Your Zodiac Sign

11. Aquarius: Oral

This Zodiac sign is one of the most complex, they appear to shy away from emotional expression and are often temperamental with showing affection. The best sex for this sign would be oral, it would give both partner and the Aquarius time to show their care for the other and demonstrate a bond.

12. Pisces

Compassionate, creative and trusting. Pisces are some of the most lovely people at heart and need time to show their trust and affection towards their partners. A sex position that would really show their love of compassion and trust would be missionary with the legs wrapped around the partner, for ultimate feeling and compassion.

Don’t see your favourite sex position on the list? Drop a comment on your favourite for your zodiac sign!
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