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Dress Types To Not Wear To Prom When You’re Shy AF

Dress Types To Not Wear To Prom When You’re Shy AF

Dress Types To Not Wear To Prom When You’re Shy AF

When you’re shy in high school, it can be very hard to go out and meet people. So going to prom itself is a big step in the right direction if you are trying to get over being super shy. However, you might not want to push it too far too fast. Check out these dress types to avoid if you want to take it one step at a time in terms of pushing your shyness boundaries.

Low Cut Dresses

For some high schoolers, prom is all about showing off. Whether it be your attire or your dance moves. Many girls, who have the cleavage to show off, choose to have low cut dresses.

If you’re super shy and very self-conscious, then you might want to steer away from those types of dresses. They show off a lot of cleavage that you may not feel ready to show off just yet.

It’s not about whether you have the boobs to hold the dress or not, it’s all about how comfortable you are with showing it and if you are able to feel okay with dancing in that kind of dress. Some people are perfectly comfortable with it and know the secrets to dancing with those dresses without your boobs bouncing out.

Some people just stand there awkwardly shifting from side to side while putting their arms in front of their chest. Make sure that you are comfortable with the exposure before you buy the dress and you simulate dancing in the dress in the changing room.

Dress Types To Not Wear To Prom When You’re Shy AF

Tight-fitted Dresses

Skinny or fat. Curves or no curves. There are tight-fitted dresses for every body type. But if you aren’t confident enough to pull it off, or you feel like you can’t move or breathe, then maybe you should avoid this dress type for prom.

There are pros and cons to wearing these kinds of dresses. The pros being that they show off your curves if you want them to. The cons being that you can’t move very well in them. Chances are you will have a hard time sitting down as well.

There are even some cons to the pro that was mentioned above. If you have any curve that you don’t like, you might not want this type of dress.

Tight-fitting dresses fit into every curve you could have whether that be any rolls around your stomach or clinging to an unhealthy waist.

Dress Types To Not Wear To Prom When You’re Shy AF

Above-the-knee Dresses

These kinds of dresses seem to be all the rage in the recent decade as women become more and more comfortable with showing off their bodies. Whether it be for them or anyone else is for them to decide.

Some dresses stop just above the knee, some stop just below anything inappropriate can be shown. If you’re shy you might want to go for dresses that are around the knee or slightly lower. Especially if you don’t want to worry about constantly tugging the bottom of your dress down the entire night.

If you are shy and still want a dress that stops above the knee, then you might want to opt for dresses like the one pictured below. They are designed so they don’t hug the body below the waist and allow you more freedom to move around.

Plus you can do that fun twirly move every girl seems to do in movies when she goes dress shopping.

Dress Types To Not Wear To Prom When You’re Shy AF

Slit Dresses

I’m talking about the dresses that have the slit on the side to show off your leg(s). Some dresses even have one for each leg. If you’re not confident about showing your legs for any reason, you might not want to get this dress type for prom.

These types of dresses are for those who have a lot of confidence to pull off. If you’re shy but still want to try this type of dress, then you might want to start with the ones that only show a little leg as you’re moving or walking.

This way you can enjoy the style without too much unwanted exposure.

Dress Types To Not Wear To Prom When You’re Shy AF

Strapless Dresses

These dresses are supported entirely by your strapless bra and the tightness of the fabric across your breasts. If it’s too big on top, the dress will fall. Too tight and you can’t breathe.

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From personal experience, you need to have a lot of confidence in how your shoulders look and your upper chest. You can offset any “blank” space you might see by adding jewelry of course.

Many girls have the problem of needing to constantly adjust their dress while they’re dancing. Jumping up and down too much can move the dress down below the bra line.

Dress Types To Not Wear To Prom When You’re Shy AF

Cinderella Dresses

This dress is one almost every girl dreams of being in one day. It’s known as the Cinderella dress by the way the bodice hugs the torso but the skirt blooms out wide. It’s an eye-catching dress that will draw a lot of people’s attention.

Which is why it’s on this list. If you don’t want all that attention then you might want to avoid this type of dress for prom.

This dress typically has thin straps, which draws some attention to the arms and upper chest. If you did want to have this kind of dress but wanted to get as little attention as possible, you can try to wear a blazer on top of the dress, thus covering your arms.

It helps a lot if you’re in an area that is still cold around prom time.

You can also wear darker colors for the dress itself which will help the dress to blend in a little since the dance floor will be darker for most of the night anyway. The best part about this dress? You don’t need to wear fancy shoes or glass slippers. You can wear comfortable flats since no one will see your feet anyway. The dress goes to the floor most of the time and should cover your feet if you desire.

Dress Types To Not Wear To Prom When You’re Shy AF

Have you worn any of these dresses at prom even if you were shy AF? Share your experience in the comments below!

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