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20 Signs You Went To Emma Willard High School

20 Signs You Went To Emma Willard High School

If you went to Emma Willard High School you recognize these 20 signs that make it abundantly clear you went to EWHS. You will always love Emma Willard HS.

Emma Willard High School will always hold a special place in our hearts. If you went to EWHS you will realize these 20 signs you went to Emma Willard High School are spot on!

1. You and all your friends always matched with the same guys on Tinder because there are only so many good looking (not redneck) guys in the 518 at If you went to Emma Willard High School.

2. You sleep with a  spoon under your pillow and your PJs inside out and look at snow day calculator 37 times in an hour and wait for the snow day email that will never come…

3. You begged your proctor/peer ed to sign you in at morning reports so you could have an extra 30 minutes of sleep.

4. You texted numerous friends to check you in with Gerri I before the first period of the day because you were too lazy to get out of bed.

5. You parked in the front circle, not because you were late to class but because you were too lazy to walk from the back parking lot.

6. You always had an urge to go to the frat houses across the street.

7. Every weekend you would beg your day student friends to take you out just so you did have to eat Kevin Bayers dining hall food.

8. You get so used to not reading any emails because 3/4 of them are a mass email about a missing iPhone or scarf.

9. Having to go to security every time you need to enter the building because you forgot your ID (change).

10. Fire drills at 2 am because someone forgot to put water in their ramen.

11. Be friends with seniors only to walk on the triangle.

12. Hiding contraband ( Advil) in the most ridiculous places so your house parent wouldn’t find them (picture of tide pod bag).

13. Having multiple take out cars in the front circle (Dominos, Shalimar, Okinawa) all lined up.

14. Having to call an hour ahead of time for a taxi, walking out to find out another Emma girl has stolen it.

15. Changing your whole schedule around to get G block free.

16. Starting off dinner with a salad (be healthy) and ending up eating cheese rice, and a whole loaf of bread.

17. Whenever a boy walks on campus it’s like he’s Justin Bieber.

18. Screaming “Shall be” at convocation and scaring all of the freshmen.

19. Coming into class with no homework done because you really thought this time there would be a principals play day.

20. Crying when your best friends are on stage performing Revels (and you realize you reviled them correctly).

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