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10 Diverse Beauty Brands That Are Amazing

10 Diverse Beauty Brands That Are Amazing

People often use beauty products daily, and are a huge part of our consumer habits. Here are 10 diverse beauty brands that you will love.

1. B. Simone Beauty

The business woman and youtube vlogger B.Simone launched her beauty brand in 2019. Her products were an instant hit, and is vegan and cruelty free. The brand sells mostly lip products, including liners and sparkly glosses that are perfect for a night out. There are bold colors available, and matte lip sets as well. Most products are under $20 and are super affordable.


2. Pholk Beauty

Pholk beauty was founded by Niambi Cacchioli to create all natural skin care that celebrates and is inclusive for women of color. Pholk Beauty uses all natural ingredients, and makes all their products in their own lab. Pholk beauty has a variety of skin care products, including face wash, masks, and products specifically for acne. Pholk beauty is gentle and affective, Created with care, Pholk beauty aims to uplift women of color as innovators and creators. Pholk Beauty’s products are also very affordable without compromising on quality.

3. Loving Culture 

Founded in 2013 by Mary-Andree Ardouin-Guerrier, Loving Culture is a natural beauty brand that started with creating hair oil that is meant to nourish and embrace natural hair. After using years of harsh chemicals on her hair, the founder decided to start using a blend of all natural ingredients to nourish her hair. The brand aims to embrace sustainability, and social responsibility. As the name suggests, the brand is all about embracing one’s natural hair and gently taking care of it. This brand is perfect for high quality hair care made with natural and gentle ingredients.


4. Ace Beaute

Ace Beaute was started with the motto “beauty for all”, and continues to embrace that today. Ace Beaute has a variety of bold eyeshadow palettes, with saturated and bright colors that are guaranteed to make an impression. The brand also sells fake eyelashes and focuses on creating amazing glam beauty looks. The makeup is affordable and great quality, and is perfect if you love dramatic makeup looks. Ace Beaute also sells fake nails to complete your look.


5. Lamik Beauty

Started in 2004, this brand was created to provide beauty products that are all natural and made with clean ingridients. Lamik beauty stands for love and makeup in kindness, and the company embraces those values with its mission to support and celebrate diverse women.  Lamik creates staple makeup products such as mascara and foundation. The brand creates high quality products that are perfect for everyday makeup looks.

6. Janet and Jo

Janet and Jo is a nail company that creates high quality nail polish. The brand embraces vegan and all natural products. Nail polish often has many harsh chemicals, and the founders of Janet and Jo wanted to created polish that was safe and made with clean ingredients. Janet and Jo sell a variety of great colors with high quality and shine. If you love doing your nails, and struggle to find a brand that has vegan and cruelty free ingredients, Janet and Jo is the brand for you.


7. Unsun Cosmetics

Unsun Cosmetics was created in 2016, after the founder Katonya Breaux spent years trying to find sunscreen that worked for women of color.  Unsun has a variety of sunscreen products that are light and go on smoothly, but are great for protecting you skin from the sun. Sunscreen is often not made for women of color, and Unsun is mean to provide all women with sun protection that is safe and effective. The products are affordable and high quality, and melt onto your skin. Sun protection is super important for healthy skin, and Unsun creates amazing products that will keep your skin healthy and protected.

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8. UMOMA Beauty

UMOMA Beauty is all about inclusivity and creating products for all women. Umoma was started in 2018 by a beauty expert, who used her expertise to create a beauty brand that is high quality and diverse. The company offers its signature foundation in 51 shades, and has a variety of other high quality products including mascara and lip products. The brand also sells concealers and contour kits that come in range of colors, and make it easy to find the perfect fit for you. The products are high quality, and have rave reviews from users.

9. Anita Grant

Anita Grant creates amazing products focusing in skincare and hair care. The products are made with organic and fair trade ingredients, and are gentle and safe. The brand is all about creating products that are safe and nourish your skin and hair. If you have curly hair and have difficulty finding products that work for you, this is the place to look. Anita Grant has an amazing selection of oils, masks, and treatments for every type of curly hair, and delivers specialized hair care. This brand has so many options and expertise behind each product so you will definitely find something that works for you. If you want to treat yourself to luxury organic products that are created with care, Anita Grant is the perfect brand.


10. Danessa Myricks Beauty

Products that create dewy, flawless, glowing skin are the focus of Danessa Myricks Beauty. Danessa Myrciks is an experienced makeup artist and photographer that believes make up is art, and wanted to create a brand that allowed for creativity in the beauty industry. Myricks has years of expertise, and her reflect that. The brand focuses on products for your complexion, such as foundations, concealers, highlight, and powders. There are many options to chose from, and each product is high quality. This is the go to brand if you want to constantly glow, and the products are backed by years of experience and creativity. The brand also has a variety of products not just for your skin, and is a great brand to try for high quality products.

What do you think about these diverse beauty brands? Let us know what you think in the comments!