6 Different Foods that Cleanse Your Body

Have you ever wanted or do you currently want to do a body cleanse? Doing a cleanse has so many health benefits that shows improvement immediately and in the long run. Cleanses are a great way to give your body a fresh start. Our eating habits, sleeping habits amongst other things can change and pollute our bodies.

Our bodies naturally rids itself of impurities but it is not always a hundred percent successful. Many variables affect the human body including germs and bacteria, both of which can dangerous. Lots of organic super foods that we have access to helps us in fighting off the “bad” stuff. Check out this list to start off that body cleanse that will change your life! 


Using ginger as part of a cleanse is one of my favorite things to do. Ginger is used in foods like ginger bread cookies and dishes we usually see around the holidays. This super food comes candied and even grown at home. Ginger has many health benefits and also has a great taste. Ginger helps reduce gas and improves digestion. 

It supports cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation throught the body. One damage that germs and bacteria cause are colds and flu. Ginger helps fight those germs and acts as a pain reliever. Ginger also helps fight off cancer! For a cleanse add a little lemon and raw honey. Yummy!


Turmeric is another super food to add to your cleanse. It has great properties for facial care as well. Turmeric has properties that fight off inflammation of the body. This super food also is a powerful antioxidant which protects the body from free radicals. This stimulates the body’s own antioxidant defense.

Curcumin which is found in tumeric is a powerful property that fights off brain diseases. Tumeric is known to prevent and fight off cancer. Different grocery chains sell tumeric tea as well as the powder form if the fresh cut kind is to intimidating to work with. This ingredient is powerful and a sure way to get your body on track. Let’s go tumeric! 


Lemon is an essential component to a cleanse. Lemon helps with dehydration which can be a side effect of a cleanse if you’re not drinking enough water. Lemon also helps in digestive problems, certain foods can cause gas, bloating and stomach discomfort. I know I’ve had my share of those type symptoms and lemon water helped a great deal.

Lemons help cleanse out those issues naturally. They are good source of vitamin c and freshens your breath! Lemons also help in losing weight and preventing kidney stones. Lemons are a great tasting addition to dishes and beverages of your choosing.  Add some lemon to you water and get cleansing! 


Garlic is the ultimate cleanse worthy ingredient. This is usually found in our meals like spaghetti, chicken dishes and many more. However, this powerful detoxification ingredient is great all on its own. Garlic has super benefits that you can get just from making a simple juice or eating it. 

This super food helps reduce coughs and cold symptoms, it also helps asthma. Garlic is known to reduce urinary tract infections and kidney infections. The taste of garlic is not always great when consumed on it own but adding fresh Lemons and honey can make it a delightful tea. No matter how you decide to consume this super food, as long as its being consumed you are on the right track!

Raw Honey

Are you a sugar fan? I was too before raw honey entered in to my life. I started out using honey in teas or as a glowing face treatment. I was then introduced to raw organic honey and how it can be a replacement for those harmful sugars that we love to consume. This super food is a great antioxidant and helps in fighting digestive issues. Eating a tea spoon a day has been highly recommended in helping our bodies functions.

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Sugars and sweeteners taste good but is one of the things that causes unhealthy changes to the body. Honey is known to have antibacterial properties as well as antifungal properties. Replace your sweet tooth with a honey tooth and watch your health transform!


I think we all have had some form of cranberry at one point in time right? Whether we had cranberry juice or cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. Using cranberries as a way to cleanse is also an alternative. Cranberries are high in antioxidants which helps cleanse our bodies. Eating dried cranberries or going for cranberries that are low in sugar is ideal for your cleanse.

It helps in lowering the risk of UTIs and certain types of cancer. Another big part of a cleanse is immune support and cranberries help immune health. Your immune system is what fights off and protect your bodies natural functions. High blood pressure? Eat cranberries. This super food is great for your cleanse and taste great as well! 

Cleanses can be tricky to do because its so much information out there. Everyone is pushing supplements, diet plans and tons more of overloading information down our throats. I don’t know how you may feel about it but myself, I get discombobulated when too much information is at my disposal. Straight to the point and easy to read info is my type!

Doing a cleanse should feel simple, the same should go for looking at information to do a cleanse. This list was compiled to help you get quick and easy information without overwhelming you or intimidating you. All these super foods can be grown at home or bought at your local grocery store. Don’t be afraid to try the fresh produce aisle which will contain most of these super foods. Here’s to you for taking the steps to cleanse your body and getting to a better you one super food at a time!

Do you plan to cleanse? What is your favorite super food from our list? Let us know in the comments below.

Ralanda Banks

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