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Cute Cafes You Must Visit In Fairhaven, Washington

Cute Cafes You Must Visit In Fairhaven, Washington

Fairhaven is a cute place in northern Washington that’s Instagram worthy all year long. The cute benches, buildings, restaurants, and views of the compact area are worth visiting anytime of the year. When you visit, here are cute cafes you must visit while in Fairhaven, Washington.

Skylark’s Hidden Cafe

Located at 1308 11th St in Bellingham, WA this restaurant and cafe is a must stop while visiting.

The cute exterior will draw in anyone that appreciates aesthetically pleasing venues. A cute green canopy covers part of the outdoor seating and the deeper, door adds contrast to the red, which adds to the appeal because of its cuteness.

They have a breakfast, lunch, dinner and kids menu which has a variety of American dishes and more. They have happy hour Sunday through Thursday from 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. and 10 P.M. to close. They also have a soup calendar and late night meals for those who enjoy a night out on the town.

They host live music nights, and to me this place is a perfect date night spot! The inside has gorgeous mood lighting and a darker wooden interior which will set the mood if you’re treating your significant other to a night out. If you visit during the warmer months, sitting outside is romantic and fun too, so take advantage of that!

Cute Cafes You Must Visit In Fairhaven, Washington

Cafe Blue

Located at 1319 11th St in Bellingham, WA this super cute and comfortable cafe will become your favorite spot for a quick lunch date with friends.

The cafe closes at 5 P.M. everyday it’s opened which is every day except Thursday. The menu has a French breakfast focus, which means lots of croissants, quiche, and biscottis to name a few of the baked goods they make in-house daily.

It opened on September 29, 2019 and is definitely a spot you must visit while in Fairhaven. It’s a new business, but I think it is here to stay. More and more cute cafes like this are popping up in the area and this is one that any resident should visit. The cute blue interior is perfect for any Instagram pic and will enhance and lift your mood right away. This is a must stop and you have to check it out whether you’re just visiting or if you live in the area!

Cute Cafes You Must Visit In Fairhaven, Washington

Mount Bakery Cafe Fairhaven

Located at 1217 Harris Ave in Bellingham, WA this cafe and restaurant has the most delectable baked goods.

Their cookies and scones are to die for and everything is baked fresh every day. You can order to-go or sit inside the cute rustic cafe side of it. It’s a perfect place to catch up with friends or go on a cute lunch date with your significant other.

It’s quite popular and depending on what time you go, there may be a wait if you want to dine in so plan accordingly! You can always order stuff to-go like I said earlier! The cute rustic interior is Insta-worthy and there’s a wonderful view of Bellingham bay through the windows that face the bay. It’s conveniently located near the entrance of Fairhaven and has its own small parking lot so if you drive you can snav a spot. I usually walk because it’s more convenient for me, but driving is a faster option.

I’ve never had their eggs benedict before, but they supposedly make the best in Bellingham. You should try it if you’re ever in town and comment below what you thought of it!

Cute Cafes You Must Visit In Fairhaven, Washington

Sirena Gelato

Located at 960 Harris Ave in Bellingham WA this adorable and cute cafe is a must stop for sweet treat lovers.

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It has a cute and classic interior and is a tiny gelato shop tucked on the outskirts of Fairhaven. It’s a gem in the area and the gelato is to die for.

They offer a wide variety of flavors, which you can sample before committing to, and have flavors they rotate with seasons and holidays!

A personal favorite of mine is the coconut gelato they sell. There are coconut flakes in the gelato which add a nice texture difference from the creamy gelato texture. To me, it has the perfect amount of sweetness and I always get it when I stop by. I usually get two scoops each time I go, and like to get something new every time I go.

The espresso flavor is also delicious! It’s not overly bitter, they make it sweet but not artificially sweet. it still has that bitter taste to let your tastebuds know it’s espresso, but has just the right amount of sweetness treats should have.

Village Books

Located at 1200 11th St in Bellingham, WA this cute cafe that’s tucked in the upstairs of the cutest bookstore is a gem.

The books that surround the cafe make you feel like your in a library, but the hustle and bustle from the cafe around you gives you nice background noise and allows for conversation while being able to study! I personally love background noise while I study and this is the perfect study spot for me.

You can buy a new book and read it in the cafe if you want, or you can catch up with friends on a cozy couch, this is the perfect place for anything. The fact that it’s above the bookstore and tucked away is what really makes it a must stop in my opinion. Locals know about it, but if you’re just visiting, you’ll miss out on this place! So to anyone visiting, stop by this cute cafe if you have an hour to kill. The relaxing vibe with hustle and bustle around you will make your day.

These cute cafes are ones you must visit while in Fairhaven, Washington. They’re all Instagram worthy, sell good food and treats and if you stop by, let us know in the comments what you thought of it! Also let us know what other cafes in Fairhaven people should check out!

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