Galentine’s Day Party Themes Your Girl Squad Will Be In Love With

If you don’t have a man this Valentines Day, do not worry because you’ve got something ten times better. You have your girls, and they will make you happier than any man ever will! Your girl friends are the ones who get you through everything. 

Whether it be treacherous breakups, incredible heart break, sloppy drunken nights, or just plain life in general, your girl friends are the one’s whoa re always there for you no matter what. 

The saying, “boyfriends come and go, but friends are forever,” is so true when it comes to your gal pals. Your man might celebrate you one day a year, but your girls will celebrate your friendship every day of the year, and because of this, they deserve to be celebrated! 

Galentine’s Day, the day after Valentines Day, is a day to celebrate those special ladies in your life and for you all to show each other just how much you mean to each other. There are so many things you all can do to celebrate each other’s friendship, but here are some specific Galentine’s Day Party Themes that might help you out when it comes to planning the perfect Galentine’s Day celebration. 

1. A Mimosa Bar 

What better way to start of the day of festivities than with a refreshing mimosa bar? With a mimosa bar being an option for Galentine’s Day Party Themes, you can either go out for mimosas, or even better, set up an elegant mimosa bar in your house. 

It’s such an easy thing to do, and everyone will love it! You could even buy a few different kinds of juices so your girls can concoct their own personal mimosas. 

Galentine’s Day Party Themes Your Girl Squad Will Be In Love With

2. Galentine’s Day Cards 

Another option for Galentine’s Day Party Themes is a Galentine’s Card theme. Getting your girls a small and simple card that you write a personal message in will show them just how much you appreciate them. Personalized gifts are often the ones that mean the most to people, and a card is such a great way to write a deep, personal, and heartfelt message for your friends. 

You could buy all of your friends the same crafty card and personalize a message on the inside, or you could buy separate cards for all your friends and base the design cards off of their personalities, making this small gift just a bit more special. 

If you wanted to go a step further, you could even put a picture of the two of you inside the card as a little trinket or memory of your friendship. Either way, your gal pals will feel loved and appreciated with a Galentine’s Day card made by you! 

Galentine’s Day Party Themes Your Girl Squad Will Be In Love With
3. Cocktail Party

Are you looking to have a fun night with your girls? Then, a cocktail party is one of the Galentine’s Day Party Themes to consider! All you need is some alcohol and some fun mixies. Your and your gal pals can make some fun and fruity cocktails while enjoying each others company. 

You all can tell funny stories, laugh about your crazy pasts, talk about all those guys you just can’t stand, and do it all while sipping on some tasty cocktails! 

Galentine’s Day Party Themes Your Girl Squad Will Be In Love With

4. Girls Night 

It’s all in the name! Planning a girls night with all you best friends is one of the best Galentine’s Day Party Themes to celebrate Galentine’s Day and show them how much you appreciate them. You can do whatever you want. Plan a night in with movies, snacks, and drinks, or plan a night out with loads of festivities! 

Go to a bar and grab a drink. Go to a club and dance your butts off! Go to the movies, see a chick flick, and cry your eyes out together! Plan a night doing whatever you and your girls like to do, and they will for sure appreciate it! 

Galentine’s Day Party Themes Your Girl Squad Will Be In Love With

5. PJ Party 

If none of the other Galentine’s Day Party Themes feel right for you and your friends, then grab your favorite Pajama set because it’s time for a slumber party! Plan a night of full of slumby activities for you and your girl friends. Go out to Target, buy all the face masks, nail polish, and chocolate covered snacks you find, and have a blast! 

A relaxing night in might be just what you and your gals need to unwind, catch up, and spend time appreciating each other.

Galentine’s Day Party Themes Your Girl Squad Will Be In Love With

6. Movie Night 

Whether it be at your house or in theaters, arrange a night where you and your friends are all free to head to your local theater and catch a movie!

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It’s a simple, fun thing to do and as long as you all are together, you and your girls will have fun. Lets be real, you all can have fun doing anything as long as you all are together!

Galentine’s Day Party Themes Your Girl Squad Will Be In Love With

7. Pot Luck 

Have all your girls make their favorite dish and invite them all over for a pot luck. Everyone loves food, so your friends will be thrilled. You can even turn this into a fun and friendly cooking competition! Craft up a survey and have all your friends fill it out at the end to decide who brought the best dish! 

Your friends will love the competition aspect of things, and they will enjoy cooking for their friends along eating their friends cooking.

Your girls will love this idea, and appreciate the creative thinking behind it. So, get planning and craft up the perfect pot luck to celebrate your gal pals! 

Galentine’s Day Party Themes Your Girl Squad Will Be In Love With

8. Brunch Date 

Girls love food, but what they love even more is a good brunch! Make reservations at your favorite spot, or grab your favorite brunch items at the grocery store and cook it up yourself. Either way, your girls will love this!

Brunch is perfect for almost anyone because they do not have to wake up too early like they would for breakfast, and they do not have to be out too late like they would for dinner. Brunch is the perfect meal solution that all of your gals are sure to get behind! 

Make a nice spread filled with juices, cocktails, pancakes, fruit, eggs, bacon, etc., and let your girls dig in buffet style. You can all grab your food, gather around the table, and chit chat about life. Enjoy great food, great company, and a great Galentine’s Day with a fun Brunch date!

Galentine’s Day Party Themes Your Girl Squad Will Be In Love With

Will you celebrate Galentine’s Day this year? Tell us in the comments!

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