20 Unique Clemson Gifts

Are you looking for unique Clemson gifts for your parents? Or just want to show off your Clemson school spirit? Here are 20 unique Clemson gifts that every Tigers fan will love. Show everyone that you’re in love with Clemson with this awesome Clemson gear!

1. Clemson Cornhole Set

Corn hole is a major must when it comes to the ultimate tailgating experience here in Clemson. Whether you have terrible hand-eye coordination, like me, or were born a corn hole prodigy, this Clemson themed corn hole game is the perfect way to show off your tossing skills on game day. One of the best Clemson gifts, it will be put to good use at parties and family BBQs.

2. Clemson Stadium Bleacher Seat

As many already know, Clemson football is of utter importance to all Clemson fans. However, the cold, hard bleachers aren’t exactly the ideal choice of comfort. The collegiate stadium seat is the perfect item that allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the game without the worry of a numb butt and aching back.

3. Clemson Throw Pillow

Decorate your dorm bed or futon with a little bit of a Clemson touch to really show your school pride.

4. Clemson Converse

Whether you’re walking to class or running if you’re late, then I assume you must be wearing shoes (I hope so at least). Trade out your old sneakers for these new ones, and you will be guaranteed a comfortable walk to class.

5. Clemson Wreath

Nothing screams, “welcome to my dorm room,” like a Clemson themed wreath does!

6. Clemson Spirit Alex & Ani Bracelet

As a fellow jewelry hoarder, I’m always looking for the perfect jewelry to add to my collection. This Alex and Ani bracelet is a must have for all Clemson girls to add to their own collections. You can never go wrong wearing a tiger paw!

7. Clemson Computer Case

If you are looking for a way to protect your computer, check out this computer case. Not only will it protect your computer from damage, but it also is a great way to decorate your computer.

8. Clemson Game Day Face Tattoos

Show your game day spirit for Clemson not only through your clothes, but on your face as well! Not only are these temporary tattoos super cute, but they also look great in photos.



9. Clemson Easy-To-Carry Cooler

I don’t know about you, but I personally despise warm drinks. This cooler is a necessity to all tailgates and picnics for any person who enjoys ice-cold drinks.

10. Clemson Spirit Flag

Whether you hang it on your wall, wear it as a cape to a game (do people even do that?), or bring it to your study abroad destination, a Clemson flag has no boundaries. You can show your school pride wherever you want and whenever you want.



11. Clemson Bluetooth Speaker

Use this speaker to jam out while getting ready for a football game or to play soothing music as you cram for your exam.

12. Clemson Spirit Beach Towel

Every Clemson student should visit the lake at least once during his or her 4 years at Clemson. If not, then you are missing out. Buy this towel and head out to the lake to really experience every aspect of Clemson.

13. Clemson Koozies

Now you can drink in style.

14. Clemson Umbrella

As dreary as rainy days can be, there is always a way to brighten the day with a Clemson umbrella.

15. Clemson Scarf

Even when it’s below 30 degrees and you’re bundled up in a big winter coat, you can still rep your Clemson pride with a scarf!

16. Clemson Frisbee

Get some fresh air and play a game of Frisbee on Bowman field! It’s a great way of making friends and getting some quality outdoor exercise.

17. Clemson Blanket

Bundle up in this cozy blanket and watch a little bit of Netflix (aka Netflix and Chill) or take that much needed nap after a long day of classes.

18. Clemson Dog Collar

Nothing is better than adopting your very first dog in college. Getting to come home to your furry friend is the perfect way to make a day better after a hard day of classes. Deck out your dog with a Clemson collar and leash to remind them that they too are apart of the Clemson family.

19. I Love You More Than Saturdays In Death Valley” Framed Poster

This framed poster is the perfect touch to any adorable Clemson dorm, apartment, or house!


20. Clemson Spirit Jersey

The college spirit jersey is undoubtedly the favorite shirt for all college students. But spirit jersey is the best because it’s a Clemson Spirit Jersey.

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