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5 Cinco De Mayo Virtual Parties Ideas To Celebrate With Friends

Cinco de Mayo is known for the celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. It allows people to engage in activities with their family and friends. This year will be different as we social distance, but it won’t stop us from interacting with each other. Whether you fiesta or siesta, these ideas will allow you to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in virtual style.

1. Build Your Own Taco Bar

Some people go to parties for conversation and interaction, and some go to eat the food! Either way, making your own taco bar for your virtual Cinco de Mayo party is sure to be a hit. Participants in the call can plan ahead to figure out what they want in their taco bar, or use whatever they have on hand. While you won’t be eating the same meals, it is a great way to indulge in conversation while enjoying some amazing food. Just remember to not talk with your mouth full!

The taco bar can be as authentic and as in depth as you are willing to make it! You can research traditional Mexican recipes, or use ingredients that you already have around the house. Include the basics, like your choice of meat, tortillas, rice and beans. Don’t forget toppings like cheese, sour cream and Pico de Gallo. The build your own bar allows even the pickiest of eaters to create something they love. As for beverages, try a traditional horchata drink or for those of you of drinking age, a margarita!

2. Dress In Theme

What is a good party without a theme? Themed parties can take your party from just ordinary to amazing. It adds a little excitement for both kids and adults! To give your virtual Cinco de Mayo party a little more flare, have all participants dress up for the occasion. The colors of the Mexican flag are green, white and red. Participants in the call can incorporate these colors into their outfits however they see fit! It is important to not use stereotypical traits in your attire.

Once all participants have joined the call, you can proceed with the festivities! Make things extra fun with an award for best costume. Include multiple categories like kids, group and most creative. Have participants vote for the best outfit by sending in comments to the host. Whoever receives the most votes, will have bragging rights until next year! You can screenshot or record the call depending on the platform to document these fun moments. Share with family and friends so everyone can remember their first Cinco de Mayo virtual celebration. 

3. Musical Screens

Give your virtual Cinco de Mayo party an activity to get you up and moving. Much like musical chairs, musical screens is sure to get your heart rate up. The anticipation, the calculated movements and excitement you get when you’re the last one sitting. In this case, it would be the last one on the screen. It is a great game that even the youngest participants can enjoy. It’s easily incorporated into small and large groups. The larger the group, the longer the game will last!

Once everyone is on the call, you can start the game. Make sure to have a dedicated person who will start and stop the music. Instead of walking around in a circle, like you would in real life, everyone will take a turn saying their name. Compile a list that everyone will follow, in order to keep track of who goes when. Each person will keep repeating their name in order until the music stops! Whoever the music stops on is out. Once it is down to the last two participants, a winner will be crowned. Optional: those who have been eliminated can rejoin the group by doing their best impression of a Mexican hat dance.

4. Trivia Games

Trivia games tend to be a crowd pleaser, no matter what venue they are played in. They are a great way to get you in the mood for Cinco de Mayo. There are many platforms which you can use including online quizzes and PowerPoint presentations to name a few. Participants can play individually or on teams. Most teams are comprised of who you are quarantined with, but partnerships among participants can also be formed!

To start the game with online quizzes, have all participants use the same website/app to fill out the same quiz. Have them keep their video call on, while navigating to a different screen to answer the questions. After all participants have filled out the quizzes, return to the video screen and share your answers! See who has the most knowledge about Cinco de Mayo.

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For those of you planning on using a PowerPoint presentation quiz, have someone be the dedicated judge. Using the share screen option, display the PowerPoint on the call so everyone can participate. While answering questions, keep track of the points earned, so a winner can be determined at the end. Rules and time limits can differ depending on who you are playing with and how competitive they are!

5. Learning The History Of Cinco De Mayo

Some of you might think that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day. However, this is not its real significance. It is actually based on the victory in the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. Cinco de Mayo started off as a way to celebrate a single victory, but has morphed into a well-known American holiday.

As fun as it is to celebrate with food and drink, it is also important to know the true history of this day as well. Families and friends can interact with each other on video calls while educating themselves about this holiday. People of all ages can learn about Cinco de Mayo with videos, pictures and articles. It’s important to respect the holiday while celebrating with our families and friends!

Whether it be food, games or history, let us know how you will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Comment and share with us below!

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