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Celebrity Makeup Artists’ Tips For Glowing Skin This Summer

Celebrity Makeup Artists’ Tips For Glowing Skin This Summer

Celebrity Makeup Artists' Tips For Glowing Skin This Summer

With the warmer months approaching, glowing skin is becoming a sought after trend. Celebrities like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are always seen with glimmering skin whether on the red carpet, or their day-to-day lives. Lucky for you, I made it easy for you to achieve this look! Listen to what these makeup artists suggest to be a shimmering goddess this summer.

1. Tim Quinn: Prep The Skin

Do not neglect primer. This will create the perfect canvas for your makeup and diminish the amount of foundation that you use over top. This will stop your skin from getting cakey, and let your glow really take the spotlight.

Quinn says that your primer should not just sit on the surface of your skin, or this will do nothing. Make sure that you are massaging the primer into the skin, and letting it really sink in.


Also, make sure that you are using the right primer for your skin type. If you have dry skin, use a moisturizing primer. If you have oily skin, be sure to pick one that will help control your oils throughout the day.

Tim Quinn has worked with celebrities like Dianna Agron, Zoey Deutch and Barbara Palvin.

Celebrity Makeup Artists' Tips For Glowing Skin This Summer


2. Scott Barnes: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lightweight Sunscreen Spray SPF 100

If you want to know how to get glowing skin, Barnes is the guy to research. He is Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist, a.k.a. the mastermind behind her extreme glow.

You will be shocked at what he uses to make her décolletage area look so amazing: Neutrogena Sunscreen Spray.


Yep, you read that right. Sunscreen spray.

Barnes claims that this gives the skin the most amazing, ethereal glow. The best part? It is only $9.

Celebrity Makeup Artists' Tips For Glowing Skin This Summer


3. Scott Barnes: Private Society Highlighter

To make JLo’s infamous cheek bones pop, Barnes uses the indie makeup brand Private Society. The product that he uses is the highlighting palette called “Glow Getter”.

The palette includes 8 highlighting shades, and retails for $42.

Instead of using one particular shade, he swirls his brush in each one and combines them all. He then brushes this on the cheekbones and down to the collar bones and décolletage.


Celebrity Makeup Artists' Tips To Glowing Skin This Summer

4. Priscilla Ono: Diamond Bomb Highlighter

Priscilla Ono holds the absolute honor of being Rihanna’s makeup artist. On top of that, she has earned her spot as Fenty Beauty’s global makeup artist.


During a makeup tutorial with Youtuber NikkieTutorials, Ono revealed her secret to Rihanna’s absolutely stunning glow. She uses the Fenty Diamond Bomb veil in the shade ‘How Many Carats’.

As described on the Fenty website, this is a “one-of-a-kind, diamond-dusted highlighter that applies like a 3D glittering veil, delivering pure, show-stopping sparkle all over the face and body.” Sign me up!

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She uses the Fenty ‘Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush’ to pick up the product. In one swift motion, she applies the Diamond Bomb on the brow bone, out to the temples, and down across the cheek bone. This creates the most beautiful effect when hit by the light.

rihanna makeup GIF

5. Sarah Tanno: Prim-O Single Eyeshadow

Tanno is the absolute genius behind Lady Gaga’s creative, bold, and beautiful looks.


She shared that one of her favorite highlights to use is the single shadow “Prim-O” from Marc Jacobs. She lightly dusts this shade across the cheek bones for a stunning glow.

6. Nam Vo: All Over Glow

Nam Vo has worked with celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whitley and even Kylie Jenner.


To get an all over low, Nam Vo uses the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick and Marc Jacobs Dew Drops. Using the end of a brush, she scoops a small amount of the foundation onto the back of her hand. She then drops two pumps of the Marc Jacobs product directly on top of where she placed the foundation.

Using her finger, she mixes the two together well. She then dots the foundation all over her face and blends. The dew drops mixed with the foundation will give her skin an all over glow-from-within look.

She then moves on to the highlighting. She first lays down a cream highlight on top of her cheek bones and then softly blends it out with her fingertips. To set the cream product, she dusts over a powder highlight.


And just like that, her skin looks radiant and healthy!

What is your favorite tip from above?

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