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Top 7 Selfie Taking Tips From Celebrities

Top 7 Selfie Taking Tips From Celebrities

Need some selfie taking tips to step up your selfie game? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! These 7 tips are celebrity-approved (and tested) that they guarantee will get you more likes on your next selfie. Dive in to find out how!

1. Pucker Up

This is a tip that Kylie Jenner swears by! Recently, she’s been more open about how lip fillers have helped her perfect her signature pout, but she still prefers to pucker her lips (pout) while taking selfies to really accentuate the plump look of her lips. This is a great tip if you want to really make your lips stand out or would like the appearance of fuller lips without the needles! Just pick up your phone, tilt your head a little, and pucker up for a cute pout that will make others stop scrolling and do a double take.

Top 7 Selfie Taking Tips From Celebrities

2. Know Your Angles

A great tip from Bella Thorne is to know your angles. She tells PopSugar, “you can see that all of my selfies end up being from below, like a lower angle. I don’t believe in the high angle above your head.” While this might work for Bella, the opposite might work better for you. Remember, there aren’t any rules set in stone for how you should take pictures, so play around with your angles. Take photos from higher angles or lower angles and decide which positions you like best. Focus on your most-liked features and really try to make them stand out.

Top 7 Selfie Taking Tips From Celebrities

3. Find The Most Flattering Lighting

Jennifer Lopez’s (a.k.a. JLo’s) best tip for taking selfies is to find the most flattering lighting wherever you are. She tells Who What Wear for the best selfie you have to “turn around in a circle until you find the best lighting before taking your photo.” So, don’t just settle for terrible fluorescent lighting in your bathroom or kitchen. Try taking selfies outside or in other well-lit areas that don’t create harsh shadows on your face and cover up your best assets, even if that means turning around in circles to get the perfect shot!

Top 7 Selfie Taking Tips From Celebrities

4. Give Yourself Options!

Shay Mitchell told Gotham, “my friends who have taken photos of me know that it takes an entire camera roll full of photos, and hopefully, fingers crossed, there will be one that I like.” Even Shay knows it’s hard to get the perfect pic, and you might have to work at it. Don’t get frustrated though! Relax your face, change poses, try different angles, and change lighting while taking plenty of pics. If you have an iPhone, put your camera on burst mode and let it snap away while you adjust yourself. Scroll through your selfies to find out which ones you like best and why. Do they highlight a certain feature better? Is the lighting hitting you from a certain angle that you like? Take more selfies with those elements in mind until you get the perfect one.

Top 7 Selfie Taking Tips From Celebrities

5. Crop, Crop, Crop

It’s hard to imagine that Kim Kardashian would want to crop any part of her body out of a selfie, but apparently, this is one of her go-to tips for selfie taking. Any selfie you take should make you feel confident and show your best side. If there’s something in your picture that you don’t want to show off or bring attention to, simply crop it out! This is an easy way to bring the focus to just your face or delete unwanted parts (like a wrinkled blouse or coffee stain on your pants). Just snap, and crop!

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Top 7 Selfie Taking Tips From Celebrities

6. Pose Your Body

Ashley Graham told SELF, “I like to sometimes stretch out on a bed, and hold the camera literally right above me to enhance all of my curves.” Ashley definitely empowers us to work with the curves we’ve got. When you’re taking selfies, especially ones that include your body in the frame, try posing your body so that you flatter your curves. Make sure you pose comfortably, and take pictures from different angles or different poses so you can really get the best picture.

Top 7 Selfie Taking Tips From Celebrities

7. Don’t Use The Selfie Camera

This might seem counter-intuitive, but often the selfie camera, or front-facing camera, on your phone isn’t as good quality wise as the rear-facing camera. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lives by this tip as she suggests to W in an interview. It’s a great way to take outfit selfies, too. Next time you start a selfie session, try using your rear-facing camera for a higher quality photo that’ll really capture the details of your face, makeup, and accessories.

Top 7 Selfie Taking Tips From Celebrities

Will you be trying any of these selfie taking tips? Share with us in the comments below!

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