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12 Breakup Songs To Clean The House To

12 Breakup Songs To Clean The House To

Whether or not you’ve actually broken up, there’s something to be said about how emotionally charged songs really get the gears going. Buckle in, hang on tight, and let’s get cracking on the endless flock of half-empty water bottles that never seem to leave the vicinity of your room

1. Lately It Feels Alright (Kid Bloom)

The slow strum of these guitars combined with the synth anthem as the chorus kicks in will surely get you up and on your feet. No other song conveys quite the same mood as not wanting to do something but drudging around and doing it anyways. Kid Bloom will make you feel understood. Headphones on or blasting out in the air, this one doubles as a late night song to have miserable fantasies to.

2. Sick Feeling (Boy Pablo)

Boy Pablo songs are the breakup songs that will fill the aching hole in your empty heart. Sick Feeling takes on a lighter tone than Kid Bloom, but it still makes you feel as though your life is caught in the loop of being the last 10 minutes of La La Land without all the jazz appropriation stuff. You might just find yourself throwing this one on repeat as you clean dishes. It’s that good.

12 Breakup Songs To Clean The House To

3. Arcade Fire (The Suburbs)

Another calm guitar-heavy mix, you’ll feel like strutting around with a broom in your hand or picking up clothes as you put this one on blast. How does his voice even go that high? It’ll take one listen before you’re singing along to the bridge as poorly as you can. 

4. Homage (Mile High Club)

Is this all Indie music, you may ask? Indie artists have that sad vaporwave feel with better instruments to boot. Let the healing power of Mile High Club’s soothing harmonization wipe your soul as you wipe the greasy kitchen counters.

5. If I Ever Feel Better (Phoenix)

There we go, there’s that angst again.  It may be a slow build, but this is another song to pull you out of bed. Sadly, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to sing along to this one before the chorus hits. What accent is that even? Guess we’ve found a second Tom Delonge. 

6. Nuts (Lil Peep)

Not one to listen to while your relatives are around, that’s for sure. Wanna listen to XXX Tentacion without the guilt? I’m not sure who Lil Peep is, but I haven’t heard a peep about him, that’s for sure. Here’s a raunchy song about sleeping around with a pretty awesome beat. 

12 Breakup Songs To Clean The House To

7. Wet Hands (C18)

Miss those nostalgic, Minecraft-heavy times? I don’t listen to much purely piano music, but there’s something about this one song which makes my heart strings curl. If you’ve ever played piano, this will definitely put you in the mood to flex your fingers on a keyboard. Channel some of that latent energy to relax as you’re folding clothes.

8. Ready/Problems (Boy Pablo)

If Sick Feeling didn’t sell you on Pablo, R/P will for sure. Take the opportunity to slow dance a little as you’re moving from task to task while using your speakers to send this banger through your house. 

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9. Monkey Tree (Mother Mother)

Maybe you already like Mother Mother, but there’s only so many times one person can healthily listen to Little Pistols or Body. Try some of their new songs, such as Monkey Tree. Fantasize about parties as you load your clothes into the wash.

12 Breakup Songs To Clean The House To

10. Houdini (Foster The People)

Remember Foster The People? Pumped Up Kicks used to be all the rage. Surprise surprise, you’ll still like their music just as much as you used to, and their videos are cool to boot. This song makes me want to break out a pair of drumsticks and go ham, but without a drum set, I’ll just have to belt in the shower instead.

11. I Don’t Know How To Love (The Drums)

The Drums might not be a band you’ve heard of, but they’re really worth checking out. I don’t know who the lead guitarist is, but they’re absolutely shredding it. And the lead singer’s voice? Talk about a fun and unique song, I don’t know anyone else who can make those kinds of vocal effects sound pleasing to the ears. 

12. Homewrecker (Marina And The Diamonds)

I could write pages and pages about the incredible, magical effect that is listening to Marina (and The Diamonds). Homewrecker is one her best works, it dives right into the uncaring, cool vibes you’re aiming to get. Truly special, truly unique.

What albums or songs do you listen to cleaning the house?

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