10 Chill Music Artists You Haven’t Discovered Yet

If you love to chill out and vibe to some good music, but need some new tunes, check out these chill music artists that you probably haven't heard about!

Finding good music can be tough, especially in a world constantly consumed by top pop tunes. So, after much scouring and hunting, I’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best undiscovered and chill music artists everyone needs to hear. These artists have perfect music for when you need to escape, chill, or study.

Here’s a playlist of songs by all the artists mentioned below. Give it a listen as you read through this article!

1. Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder is a London-based duo consisting of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West. Their upbeat yet chill music with heavy instrumentals is perfect for driving, sleeping, or traveling on the plane.

Favorite Song: “Without You”



Born as Jonathon Ng, this Irish singer initially created music under the name “The Eden Project,” and is now known as “EDEN.”  The Eden Project covered conventional electronic pop dance music, while EDEN is more indie-pop based. His songs feature snippets of voice recordings from his real life, which provide deeper meaning and a touch of palpability.

Favorite Song: “Billie Jean”


3. Blackbear

Somewhat more popular than the other artists listed, Blackbear’s acoustic music is what deserves particular appreciation. It deviates from his typical style of hip hop and can be classified as soulful. Guitar covers of his own songs are available on his album, “Dead,” which are perfect sing-along campfire songs.

Favorite Song: “Weak When Ur Around”

afterglow / deadroses / help / drink bleach booking:blackbear@erisemanagement.com

4. Lauv

American Musician Lauv creates music that is electronic-based and R&B-influenced pop. His fresh sound and songs radiate a feel-good vibe you can easily find yourself jamming to.

Favorite Song: “Reforget”

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Originally friends that met up in Nashville; Paul, Les, and Jake created LANY in Los Angeles. They produce alternative music and gained popularity through SoundCloud. Their music can be seen as parallel to The 1975’s, with an authentic, throwback yet catchy sound.

Favorite Song: “Good Girls”


6. Astrid S

Touring with Troye Sivan on his Blue Neighborhood tour, this Norwegian singer and songwriter actually wrote her own Wikipedia page. Her music style can be seen similar to Lauv’s.

Favorite Song: “Hurts So Good”


7. Jeremy Zucker

Born in New Jersey, Jeremy Zucker is a hip-hop artist who produces by-the-beach kind of music. He has a deep voice and produces blissful music. Recently, he released a snippet of a new song featuring Blackbear!

Favorite Song: “Keep My Head Afloat”

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8. Hayley Kiyoko

Previously featured in Disney channel shows, such as Wizards of Waverly Place, and Disney movies, like Lemonade Mouth, Hayley’s character always gives off a “bad girl” vibe, similar to her edgy music style.

Favorite Song: “Gravel To Tempo”


9. Léon

Another indiepop artist, this Swedish singer has smooth vocals with unique instrumentals, creating an iconic sound.

Favorite Song: “Tired of Talking”


10. The Cab

This Vegas-originated American rock band had a lot of fame in 2012. However, it’s success since then has dwindled due to no recent releases. Unlike other artists on this list, The Cab is more pop-oriented. The instrumental and vocals of the band are catchy and their songs are you’ll find yourself easily singing along.

Favorite Song: “Stand Up”

Do you know of any other chill music artists that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!
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